Do you check in your LV luggage?

  1. HI there.. I just wonder if you check in your LV luggage. I have a keepall 50, thinking of buying a 60. But the 60 will be too big for the cabin, but i wouldnt want to check it in, i think it will come out all scratched.
  2. It is luggage and it's meant to be used- if I had an older bag that had already built up a healthy patina I would have no problem checking it.
  3. heheh i know..its silly if we spend that much on a bag and just leave it collecting dust in the closet.. But maybe i just started on buying these branded stuff and i dont have the heart to use it much ......
    Oh well, i think after a while i wont have that paranoia anymore...
  4. I check mine, even my white MC Alzers, and they have held up wonderfully. Use it and love it :smile: I always say, remember...vuitton started in travel :smile:
  5. i only have speedies, no LV luggage (yet) but if I had, i probably won't in fear of it getting tossed around....... either i'd leave it in the closet to collect dust.........or if it's a huge alzer, i'll use it as a coffee table.........
  6. speaking of which.. i know the keepall 60 is too big as a carryon.. but what if you don't fill it all the way? lol. so that it collapses in the ends? making it "technically" smaller by actual fill standards? lol... just a curious question.
  7. now u make me wonder hehehe....
  8. i try not to check it in but if i have to, i would not have a problem doing so. then again, my keepall and pegase are in damier so i tend to worry about it less.
  9. no way, i did it once and when the keepall 60 came back out, it was in a disaster. i only bring LV luggages that i am able to carry on board like the over night alize, grimaud and keepall 55.
  10. I dont own any LV luggage, but would never check it on a commercial flight. It screams money and is the first choice of thieves. Why take the chance? I think is pays to be discrete when traveling. Most of the celebrities in pics carrying LV are either flying private or have entourages to protect them and thier luggage.
  11. I check mine all the time, even on international flights. I have never had any problems. Almost all airlines will wrap your bags for you so they won't get scratched or dirty. On the airlines that don't wrap them, if they come out dirty, just wipe them off (JetBlue doesn't wrap so I sometimes have to wipe dirt off my bags, but it's no big deal. Remember, it is a bag afterall and is mean't to be used)
  12. I have a pegase 70 and a keepall 55 that I check in all the time. I also have a pegase 50 that I use for handluggage that I bought at the same time as the 70. There's really no noticable difference between the two by now except for a mark on the little vachetta triangle thats in the upper corner of the suitcases.
  13. Absolutely! Why not?!:graucho: