Do you check in your LV luggage?


Oh to age so well....
Sep 13, 2005
:wondering I was just wondering if you ladies and gents check your LV luggage when traveling? Aren't you afraid of it being mishandled? I've seen some very nice bags in your collection-- of course making me want to run right out and buy some luggage!! Thanks!! :P
i would never check an LV if had one. that's why the only luggage i want is a keepall 55. my luggage is always so beat to heck when i pick it up at baggage claim. i would cry if that happened to an LV.
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I don't own any LV luggage but if I did I would never check it. I do check my Samsonite luggage and have never had any problems but I would be paranoid if I checked more expensive luggage.
There is really no point in buying really nice anything if you are going to check it. They have beaten the bejeezus out of every bag I have ever checked. I can appreciate that they have to work quickly, but it has to take a lot of force to rip off metal zipper pulls. :mad:
I don't own any LV luggage yet, but I have been thinking about getting a Keepall for travel. The last time I took a trip, I managed to get all my belongings into one large duffel bag. I think I will have no problem doing this with a Keepall. That way I don't have to bother with checking anything. I guess I am just a light packer.
if I had LV luggage, I wouldn't check it. it screams "break in and rob me" all over it. and you can't lock your luggage up anymore post 9/11. hence, if I ever buy LV luggage, it will have to be carry on only.
I wouldn't risk it.. there are dishonest airport employees around the world, and I wouldn't risk having a $1000+ bag/suitcase get stolen or robbed with all of my stash in it.. I was thinking of getting a pegase, but after I asked here I concluded that I was better off with a keepall, and so I bought it and I'm so happy with it (although I've only carried it on one flight - the one from the country where I bought it). But anyways, you should get a nice keepall (55 or smaller) if you want LV-luggage, they are nice to carry around.
I will only check in if the size of the luggages are too big to be carry on. I've checked in my Pegase 70 only and rarely do I check in anything else. In terms of travelling more than 1 week, I will have 2 Pegase 60s carry on with us (my partner) and maybe another small keepall or Alize with me.

Also, I've bought luggage covers for the check-in luggages. This owner of this Website knows me too well by now.

They have lots of transparents plastic-looking cover made specifically any luggages in various models and brands.

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I have heard that airport baggage handlers are notorious rough on designer luggage, especially Louis Vuitton. ;) I would avoid checking it if I could!
I don't know! I am seriously considering getting 2 pegase 70's to check, but only in Damier- it's much more discreet. (do baggage handlers know Damier is by Vuitton?)