Do you check in your Expensive Luggage ??

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  1. When Flying,
    The answer for me with that question is HELL NO !!!! I lost all my luggage ( L.V ) in Jamaica 2 years ago of course they insisted that I checked it in. I never saw them again after that, trying to trace them was a joke. Trust me I learnt my lesson When traveling not to take any high end luggage that you will have to part with, I put everything in the over head or under my seat.:sad:
  2. My mom is a crazy luggage collector she buy alot of them and those airline people are not too nice about treating your luggages too...sad.
  3. I refuse to invest in high end luggage. Bags are too large to carry on and I refuse to worry about someone throwing it or it getting lost. My carry on is a nicer bag that holds enough for 2 days.
  4. Good idea~
  5. i'd never check anything nice than samsonite, or pack anything nicer than that in anything i was going to check. i fly through the atlanta airport, and that's the busiest airport in the world, i'm not taking any chances.
  6. I don't have expensive luggage, but me and my friend once carried $10,000 between us to south africa. :weird: it was kinda nerve wracking and it was on us. So I can't imagine having $10k worth of suitcases out of your site!
    once I got my checked luggage back and it had white crap all over it, I was so pissed. no way I would trust anything expensive to airport people.
  7. I have a LV Keepall 55, and am planning to special order a Keepall 50 in Vachetta. The key for me is...TRAVEL VERY LIGHTLY. I usually don't go away for more than a week, and usually one duffel bag is plenty for me. BUT, would I ever check my Keepall... NEVER EVER IN A MILLION TRILLION YEARS!!! Especially the vachetta one, when I get it ^_~
  8. I don't carry expensive luggage, it seems kind of pointless if you know it's going to get manhandled if you check it in at the airport. I'd rather spend the money on a few expensive bags than on luggage. My parents gave me a nice American Tourister luggage set for my birthday last year, and it works just fine :biggrin:
  9. The only way to travel with Louis Vuitton luggage (trunks, cases, not just the duffel) is to have your own jet... on a commercial airline, that stuff screams: "STEAL ME."

    I don't use expensive luggage for fear that someone will steal it. Luggage gets the crap beaten out of it just loading and unloading.
  10. Does it ever!

    I only take one of my LV Keepalls on the plane with me. The rest is cked but I don't take my other LV's becuase I can't carry them on the plane with me.
  11. I don’t have expensive luggage..(will never invest on them either) :huh:

    And even the expensive handbags I have.. I hate to travel with any of them..:blink: (crazy I know) but because I hate it when I put it in that x-ray machine as I always feel it’ll get dirty:cry: .. because some airports x-ray people’s shoes.. so I rather take a non expensive handbag during traveling for I wont kill myself if it gets dirty!! :sad2:
  12. I keep all valuable items in compact carry on. Would never trust my luggaae to the airlines!
  13. I wouldn't buy an expensive piece of luggage that I have to check in. Anything that I don't have to check in, I can deal with it.
  14. Just as you said Pradasmeadow H*LL NO!
  15. These comments are scaring me. I will be traveling this winter, hopefully with my pegase 60 and keepall 55. I would have to check in my pegase 60. Now I am very worried about whether or not my luggage would be stolen..