Do you cheat on Louis?

  1. Hello all,

    I'm new and I just want to say hello to everyone. I'm just jumping right into the forum.

    My question is (and excuse me if it's already been asked) are there any Louis monogamists? Besides a vintage Gucci and a Burberry duffel bag, I have all Louis items. I don't have too many items yet, but I plan on building my collection on just Vuitton. Now for those of you who are exclusive what made you decide to be that way?

  2. I started with Coach and bought my first LV about a month ago. I am going tomarrow to buy some more Coach. LOL

    They are my two favs!
  3. Yep, I cheat on Louis from time to fact, I have been the last couple of days with my Marc Jacobs Venetia in cherry blossom. I just love that bag. Looks great with my white mc LV accessories, too!
  4. I'm going to be monogamous because the Vuitton craftsmanship is unparalleled and now with so much variety (style-wise) I really feel like you can be diversified and still look good for most anything! :smile: I will only cheat if I am going to a super dressy affair that obviously requires more panache.

  5. I have mostly LV, but I do own 2 scrumptious Pradas!!!
  6. i cheat only if theres something i have to have but i am pretty lv loyal
  7. LV wasn't my first bag. So I cheated on my other bags for LV.

    The past 4 months, it's been LV only though.
  8. Not yet :p
  9. Soon I am going cheat on Louis with......
    {{ shhhhhhhh.... }}....

  10. I'm a die hard Louis fan, but on occasions, I do rotate my Gucci bags. Gucci was my first love in the 80s, but a LV fanatic in the 90s to present....
  11. I love LV but my first love was Prada and I'll always love the brand. So I try to rotate both brands once in a while. Frankly, my pradas hold up better in really bad weather. I also have a Tods and a Gucci tote but only use em when I travel. Its nice to have variety in your collection.
  12. I had (still have a few) Coach & Dooney before my LV spree. I was planning on purchasing another LV bag in Vegas at the end of the month, but I discovered the Chanel Camellia wallet a few weeks ago, so...........
    I won't know until I see things IRL!
  13. My no.1 bag is Chanel and then LV. I 've got my first LV from 15+ years ago. LV is my first designer bag but I bought it less often when I began to buy Chanel.
  14. No i dont cheat on Louis Vuitton.
  15. Only with Marc, and only because I needed a sturdy, professional big black bag for work (turnlock shopper) and can't afford an Epi Passy or Cabas Mezzo yet. I have the matching turnlock billfold and it's really quality, I love them both. But yeah, I'm not buying anything but Marc or LV.

    ETA: ...and I am mainly exclusive to these two because their designs are both classic and "new" looking (the Speedy will always be in style) and the products are well made and able to be re-sold if necessary. (Yes I do think about resale value!)