Do you change your style when you date someone new?

  1. Do you remember in SATC when Carrie dated that politician and she was all playing around with the politician wife look? I kind of do the some thing... like if the guy I'm seeing likes to dress up... then I dress up... or if he likes hoodies... I buy new hoodies.

    Do you do the same thing? Or am I too inclined to find new excuses to shop? :p
  2. I would love to say NO, but I somewhat do this too :shame:

    It's like what you said... If he's always dressed to the nines, I don't want to look like a bum. Once I had a bf that loved my hair in a ponytail, so I would wear my hair up for him. It wasn't that I was losing my identity, I just wanted him to think I looked cute :shrugs:

    But I think if you have to completely change your style, then it's a mismatch. I would never start dressing goth, slutty, or ghetto fab because I guy liked it. I'd find another man who appreciate cashmere and designer jeans :blah: :p
  3. You're right it's not about losing identity... I would only modify my style within range. I would not go for guys who dressed far out from how I did either. I would think he looked to costume-y or we're incompatible in other ways too.
  4. No, not really. I change my style a lot according to my mood, but not really based on who I am dating. I figure, if a guy likes me enough to date me, he must like my style already.
  5. Sometimes if my husband doesn't like something, I don't buy it. There was one outfit I bought recently (and I KNOW I look cute in it) that he hated. It was a pair of black leggings and a Vince ballet sweater. It was just different from my normal style. Since I lost all my baby weight, I have been buying more stylish stuff. My husband is very conservative in how he dresses and frankly, I have never been comfortable wearing clothing that is too revealing. The stuff isn't usually comfortable and it draws a lot of unwanted attention. My husband wouldn't like it if I dressed super slutty anyway.
  6. I love being inspired by those around me, so it definitely effects me. I love it because it keeps things interesting. :smile:
  7. I used to totally change my style depending upon who I was dating and/or what friends I was hanging out with. When I dated a younger college guy I wore jeans and hoodies all the time, when I dated an older medical doctor, I started to dress up in skirts and dresses regularly.

    But I'm pretty over that now. I have my look and I'm quite happy with it, so I don't think I'd really be attracted to anyone who couldn't appreciate it:smile:

    Although, when I go out with a guy I do like to look like we are at similar levels of "dressyness" -- I wouldn't want to wear a cocktail dress to a party with a guy in running shorts...but sometimes that requires a change for the guy, not me, lol!
  8. No, never. Sometimes I'll change my style during a relationship, and maybe those changes could happen because of something my partner made me realize, but never just to compliment his style. I'm very comfortable with my own style right now. I also usually find that the people I date either don't care about my style or are attracted to it, never someone with a contrasting idea of dressing, necessarily.

    I agree with what most of you are saying, though, that I will change my style slightly for formality, but that has more to do with the place than the person, I think. I've just always dated people with relatively similar interests and all that, so it's almost always meant that we enjoy going to the same events. I think if a man ever compels you to dress differently (unless it's something revealing, or just something he disapproves of beyond just a superficial nature) he should be tossed. At least that's what I do. My style is a reflection of my personality and my tastes, and if someone disapproves, it's not likely at all that we'd be a good match.
  9. I sort of have the same look everywhere I go. I do attempt to dress for the occasion but I am drawn to certain styles. So, no, I don't dress for particular guys. Often times I will be overdressed compared to the guy, but I'm used to it.
  10. i smiled a bit when i saw the thread title. a few years back.. i think i do this quite a bit. but now i don't. i like to wear jeans and heels (more dressed up) while my bf just wears hoodies and track pants all the time. we dont match up in terms of the way we dress at all i know.. but ill wear what i like. :smile:
  11. Very interesting! I'm in my younger years right now a love to change my style, for a guy, a job, whatever. Perhaps I will develope a more solid sense of style when I get older!
  12. yes:shame:

    but only in the beginning stages of it all. i try to show them that we have stuff in common to real them in and then once we get to know each other my style comes back out. although there are still a few times where my bf influences what i wear only because he buys the clothes for me.
  13. I went on a date a couple weeks back, and the guy liked what I wore but didn't really "approve" of it. He wanted me to be more casual. I thought he was a great guy, but if he is going to completely disqualify me based on what I wear, I don't think I would want to be with him.... He did give me a really hard time about things though ... he was a bit intimidated by me, couldn't seem to believe that I was a nice girl....
  14. I don't change my style for a guy. I dress how I dress and I don't feel any need to apologize for it.

    The last guy I dated DID have a few good tips about my wardrobe which I truly did appreciate as he did it in a thoughtful way, not a critical way. And he had great taste so I was very happy to go along with (most!) of his ideas but I still stayed true to myself if that makes sense.
  15. no... showing you're real style in every person is very important because in that way.. she/he can know you better from the start...