do you change your makeup routine for the winter?

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  1. i use a rosy-er blush and maybe more mascara but thats about it, other than that i pretty much keep the same routine as with other seasons. i still keep my skin nice and moisturized, but i do this in other seasons too.
    so do you change up the colors or products you use? i was just killing time on the web and it seems that some people use brighter colors or heavier cremes. what say you?
  2. I switch to a heavy moisturizer for my skin and a thick body lotion. I also step up the manicure to every single week (or my fingers crack and bleed). That's about it for me...oh and I have some kind of lip creme/gloss in every bag I own to be used all day long (no chapped lips here!)
  3. I love the colors for fall and winter. So I tend to play them up in my eyes or lips more. I love wearing reds and wine colors on my lips! Don't get to wear them to often since Phoenix has such a mild winter, I usually stick to neutral tones most of the year.
  4. Yes, despite using sunscreen, not being in the sun much anyway, AND the normal decrease in melanin content which everybody who has enough to spit at experiences with the passage of years, my skin still ends up being several shades darker in the summer, so in winter I use the next lightest color of Maybelline Age Rewind, but leave the Max Factor HIP shade the same, since it is just there to crank down the pink and moist qualities of the Maybelline.
  5. A thicker moisturiser, so that the zit concealer doesn't cake up. Kiehl's Creme de Corps body moisturiser to keep the skin soft and unflaky, and loads of lip balm.
  6. In the winter, I tend to exfoliate more and put on more moisturizer. Also, I will sometimes wear darker/bolder shades of makeup. :smile:
  7. just a heavier mosturizer and i use a liquid foundation. I the summer I usually only use tinted mosturizer.
  8. I'll use body B&BW body butter instead of lotion, darker shades of lipstick, and exfoliate my body more frequently.
  9. Well it's summer at the moment where I am but for winter I make the following changes:

    1. Switch to winter skincare - creamy cleanser, a more hydrating moisturiser and a hydrating mask
    2. Use a pinker, rosier blush to get a nice flush
    3. Use a hydrating tinted moisuriser with sunscreen instead of foundation (I use Becca's Luminous Skin Colour SPF25+)
    4. Always use a lip balm before lipgloss