Do you change wallets whenever you change bags?

  1. I carry so many credit cards and papers with me that it would be such a huge hassle to change wallets each day. So I have everything in a black LV epi wallet, and just use that every day. It worked out fine when I carried only black bags, but now that I am branching out and having red, blonde, and brown ones, it seems to stand out. So I was wondering...does everyone actually take the time to change out wallets with each bag? Or just keep the same wallet like me?:shrugs:
  2. I never change my wallet, I use a Brahmin credit card in toasted almond.

    When changing to a new bag I just pull out my Chameleon and do the ole switcheroo, easy as pie.
  3. Yes...but only brands...LV wallets with LV, Coach wallets with Coach. However, I have used my leather Coach wallet in my LV bag just not the signature and vice-versa.
  4. i really have WAY too much stuff to change wallets, but I am thinking about consolidating...will that happen? probably not. my goal is to get to changing the wallets every time because i love to match but i really dont forsee myself doing it.
  5. No, I don't change wallets when I change bags... I just transfer over everything, as is... Right now I am using a Marc Jacobs zip clutch.

    Hopefully, within the next week or two - I will be using a Balenciaga Marine money wallet.... If AR will ever email me back!!!! :sweatdrop:
  6. I personally use a black multicolore Pochette NM wallet as my main one now. I use it with everything but the only bags I carry are LV, just different colors and styles. I just bought a mui mui coffer in white so I am thinking of getting a white multi wallet so it will match a little better.I used to use mono LV but I find it adds a little color to my bag. I used to be obsessed that the wallet had to match the bag til I became active on tPF and now I like color in my bag. I sold my various wallets to fund more
  7. Nope, I usually don't change wallets because it causes too much of a trouble. I like sticking to one wallet at a time. =)
  8. Yep I am guilty. I change wallets with every bag.
  9. I always use the same wallet: my LV mono billfold. Switching just seems too much like a pain in the butt.
  10. YES! I do like to switch wallets!

    *I have 2 zip arounds, that I also can use for clutches.
    *I have a continetal wallet (like a longer french wallet that is my everyday wallet).
    *I have a small zip around card case, that is like a mini wallet and could be used in a small evening bag or for a quick errand.
    *I have one colored wallet (the rest are black) - for when I want a splash of color.

    Whew, I guess I love wallets..

    p.s. they're all Bottega Veneta...
  11. I have many wallets and always try to rotate them, but I definitely don't change wallets everyday... can't be bothered! :push:
  12. I keep the same wallet!:p
  13. I love my beauty-full Fiore Zip Around! I don't change wallets all that often...:supacool:
  14. Sometimes I need to change my wallet, coes the LV mono groom is the way too big.
  15. I'm so lazy, I barely change bags :rolleyes: