Do You Change Out Your Bag When The Weather Is Bad?

  1. Today, it is going to rain and thunderstorm. I have to go outside. I'm going to change into a handbag that I don't care about as much if it gets pelted by rain. Does anyone else do the same thing, or do you just use what you have at the moment? After all, it only takes me 30 seconds to reload!! :p
  2. Absolutely, I change handbags! If I happen to be out when a storm starts and I'm left unprepared, I put my bag under my coat or in a shopping bag. I've also been known to wait until a thunderstorm has passed before venturing out with a nice bag.
  3. Of course. Especially if I am parking somewhere outside.
  4. Absolutely! Weather can hurt a poor, defenseless bag.
  5. I always consider the weather when I pick my bag. (Usually I change my bag twice a day.:shame: ) Some of my bags can fair bad weather than others. Usually I will take my Ferragamo Marissa bag or my Prada leather hobo in bad weather.
  6. yes! i would change my bag to a rain proof one :p
    so far, i don't have the perfect rain proof bag which is THE REASON i think i'll need a chanel coco cabas in vinyl :p
  7. yes! i will bring a bag i don't care about or my nylon prada that i know can take it. usually i pack a plastic bag in my good bags in case it starts to rain. i'm crazy. lol
  8. I sure do! Although the bags that I usually change out to I don't LOVE, so that, along with the dreary weather, tends to change my mood a bit. :shrugs:

    I guess my mood would really be changed if I ruined a good bag though! :yes:
  9. No you're not crazy, that's a good idea!! ;)
  10. :yes: :yes: Bjara! Maybe that is what made me ask the question.....When I am wearing a bag I don't love that much, it just isn't the same!!!!
  11. Hello Compass Rose! I'm a fellow Floridian in Sarasota...Oh, yes...I definitely change my bag on these rainy days...and this is certainly a gloomy, gray drizzly day. And if I'm ever caught short I have a large plastic bag folded flat in a zip-lock bag to whip out, if needed. I have one that stays in every handbag. It's not pretty but oh well, it does the job in protecting my precious cargo.
  12. I definitely choose my bag based on what the weather is like outside, what I'm wearing, and what I will be doing that day. Patent leather is a wonderful choice for stormy days here. I usually don't worry about my regular leather bags too much. But if I was outside for a prolonged period I would cover them with my coat. I would rather get wet than let my bags get soaked!
  13. I carry the same bag, but pack a plastic bag inside to put my purse in in case of rain. Depending on which shoes I have on, they go in the bag too.
  14. Rainy days are perfect for my LeSportsac Tokidokis!
  15. I carry my speedy epi for rainy days!