Do you celebrate your co-workers Birthday's at work?

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  1. We don't really do much Birthday celebrating at my job, but I thought this was funny -
    You can evaluate your work place worth by how your Birthday is celebrated in the office. It really could mean something - do you think so?
  2. That's pretty funny!

    At my last job I was contracting and when I hit the big 4-0 I was pretty lowkey about it so no one did anything...not a real b-day place.

    My current job? Well when our CEO had his b-day we pulled out the stops with a huge cake and the whole works (no, no stripper like the video clip in the OP suggests, hehehe).

    A long time ago at my import/export job our receptionist would order a cake each month and have the names of everyone with a b-day that month on the cake. Pretty cool!
  3. That's funny!

    We've done a cake for the month for all if there are birthdays in the month and it's just "cake" day and nobody is acknowledged. Really a waste, IMO. We've had a split w/ the firm and my guess is that nothing will be done now, which is fine too.

    For work friends, I do gifts though, but something small.
  4. That is really funny about your CEO! The video is right (except for the stripper!), the CEO gets the works! LOL!
    That is so cute that the receptionist would get a cake each month!
  5. There is this tradition here that on our birthday we get our desk covered with flags ! sweet, they NEVER missed 1 ! and then you go buy cake for your colleagues.
  6. My boss, who is this completely amazing and dynamic mother-of-two works twelve hours a day but is still home to make dinner and do school projects as well as out-performing every expectation everyone could ever have had of her role somehow finds the time to bake from scratch a completely organic entirely customised cake for them to share with the team.

    I'll really miss them when I go back to Australia!
  7. Yes, our CEO turned the big 6-0 so it was a big deal. [I work for a publicly traded firm so his age is no secret to anyone.] And oh my gosh, he's pretty old school conservative, so no WAY would there be any strippers. I hear when he started here a few years ago he did away with the Friday beer cart :P. Guess those were the days ;).
  8. I want my desk covered in flags! That is so fun! That means everyone at your company gets acknowledged for their work place worth according to the video!

    As far as the beer cart goes Pursegrrl, those must have been the good old days!

    madamestuff - your boss sounds awesome! She bakes cakes for everyone - I am jealous! What does everyone do for her Birthday?
  9. We are asked to pitch in for a cake but no gifts are given usually.
  10. When our company was small with about 60-70 employees, we used to have a little birthday gathering for everyone including CEOs and somehow managed to make most of them a surprise. We all had a staff birthday list next to the phone directory.

    Now that the company got much larger, they are mostly done department base, but the spirit is still there.:yes:

    I personally love coming in the office early and decorate the birthday girl/boy's office/cubicle with balloons and such like crazy LOL!!
  11. All the Kindergarten teachers & assistants at my elementary school throw elaborate birthday parties. We all try to out do each other with theme parties. Its stupid and funny all at the same time. My assistant and I have birthdays right after each other (5th and 6th) so we plan our parties together. This year we are having a Hollywood themed party.
  12. When I turned 40 my co-workers put a huge bash for me complete with black streamer, black flowers, and a black cake, LOL. I was very touched.
  13. haha YES. We allllllllllways go out for each others birthdays either to dinner or drinks or both. We like each other or something hehe.
  14. Yes, we have a cake for every member (21) in our department. Last year I had a chocolate cake and special Hello Kitty cupcakes from our assistant.
  15. We never celebrate anyone's birthday because everyone gets their birthday off.

    I like the strategy: it prevents birthday drama and time spent thinking about birthdays while also making the employee happy.