Do you carry your WORK to work?

  1. Hi people,

    I've been bit by the Bbug. I have three CITIES, one clutch, and one TWIGGY. Now, I'm contemplating getting a work for work. How does it look with crisp shirts and dark suits? Can any of you show me wearing your work with work outfit? I work in financial services, so dress code isn't all that loose. Any recommendations?

    Typically, I carry my agenda, palm treo, a cellphone, a small cosmetics bag, and some random documents with me to work. No laptops. Will Balenciaga leather withstand the daily abuse?
  2. Yup, absolutely!
    I use Work for work everyday and sometimes when I go shopping. I have 3 Works and I alternate between them everyday/every other day.

    If you're asking me if Bal leather is durable, the answer is a big Yes! My first bag(02 flat brass first in black) that I've used for continuous 5 years through rain, thunder, storm, blizzard still looks fabulous and exactly like how it looked when I got her brand-new.

    As long as the color is dark, it'll hold up extremely well. And you can definitely benefit from the feather-lightness of our beloved Bbags. I wear my Works with suits. If you work in a conservative corporate environment, I wouldn't recommend getting a bright color.

    Let us know what color you decide to buy!
  3. I dont have a work myself but my cousin does and she works at a law firm... and she carries alot of important documents... sometimes a folder... I think as long as you dont use it everyday for heavy stuff it should be ok... maybe twice a week? thats what my cousin does anyway...
  4. I do :biggrin:
  5. i've been using my work bags everyday for the last 4 months. absolutely love the size. they are definitely holding up and breaking in very nicely!
  6. I DO! I sometimes bring my laptop, but mostly just file folders and the usual girly stuff. I think the black Work is a wonderful professional wardrobe staple! Sophisticated, versatile, and edgy.
  7. ^^absolutely agree that black Work is wardrobe staple!

    That said, I carry my Work to work (strict medical office) with me almost everyday, I even carry my laptop in it and on the city bus! It's held up wonderfully under all the abuse. After work and on weekends, it sometimes moonlights as my shopping bag, too. It just looks good in all situations!
  8. I carry my Teal 05 Work to work a lot!! In fact, I have it today. I work in the financial services industry as well. Unfortunately no photos of me with it though. The bag can definitely withstand the daily abuse, as long as you don't weigh it down too much (eg carrying a laptop in it every day, although a lot of people do).
  9. Great thread! I am leaning towards getting a Work (or even a WE) to use as a briefcase/carryall for work. I usually carry a bunch of files, pens, lipstick and the all important hand sanitizer (I am a criminal defense attorney--courthouses are nasty!!).
    I know either of these bags will hold all my needs, but I have been worried about durability, particularly for day in-day out use. Ideally, I guess I need several to rotate, but for now, I am leaning towards a black. What about other colors for durability? The reds, specifically?
  10. I LOVE a Work for work. I use my Blueberry Work everyday for work. It's well softened up now! I also want to use my GH Anthra Work for work, but I think it's too bling as I work in a light industrial area (lots of men and meat pies)
  11. Bbags are extremely durable, you don't have to worry about them breaking apart on you! I have 2 WEs that I use when I travel as a carry-on/a weekend getaway bag, and often times they weigh as much as 15-20lbs(I stuff them up to the rim!)and they've held up really well(my oldest one is 4 years old).

    As far as color goes, like you said, black would be the best color to get for your first Work if you're planning to use it to work. I have 3(06 Black, 06 Grenat, and 07 Cafe), but I started out with black.

    With black, you can wear it everyday with every outfit, it's the most practical one. But if you want to get a red, go for Grenat. It's a dark ruby red, and ever since I got her, I use her the most out of the 3. She spices up your outfit, but still sophisticated. Also because the color is dark, it doesn't show signs of fact, she's gotten more beautiful after I broke her in:heart:
  12. Thanks for all the wonderful feedback. I'm definitely getting a work for sure. Although I haven't decided on the color yet. I'm leaning towards black (classic), or deep reds, or neutrals (sandstone, truffle,...etc).

    I'm really excited.
  13. Definately!!

    I've been using my Black Work almost everyday for work since I got it. The leather's so broken in now, it's even more fab (if possible!) than when I first got it!

    I'm looking at getting another Work, or maybe even a Weekender soon, since I'm possibly gonna hafta carry a laptop around. Yay to more shopping around! ;)
  14. Thanks Tooshies! That is exactly what I needed to hear. I don't have any restrictions on colors due to my business, but nothing looks ickier to me than a dirty light colored bag. But that said, I just covet bright bags (even if being used as a briefcase!). Good call on the Grenat, I have been eyeing it up for that very purpose!
  15. Oh YES! I carry my Work to work all the time! It fits a ton and I carry it on my shoulder with no problems! A MUST HAVE :tup: