do you carry your old discontinued chanels

  1. or are you replacing bags each year?

    Also am i crazy but in the late 80's early 90's didn't the classic flap come with a tassle attache to a CC ball which was attached to the zipper?
  2. No, I keep my bags if I like them, the age does not bother me. One day they will be vintage and maybe even sought after. I am not sure if the Classic Flap had the tassles, but I know other bags did. I kinda wish I had one of them.
  3. I didn't like my vintage bags until last year. For some reason, all the shiny gold HW, including the big double hanging Cs and gold chains have started to look right. Before that, I wanted a more minimal look.
  4. There are some vintage bags that had tassles. My friends mom has one. From maybe 1985 and it is quilted lamb.
  5. I still have the first chanel i ever bought!! I don't know, im tooo attached....however, when im purchasing a bag i tend to stick to something that might be timeless and not something that might be fashionable for the season!
  6. I keep all my bags.. there was this one tote I bought and I just could not get along with it. it was very inconvient to carry around..
    but other than that... I carry them all. I switch them up daily with the outfits I am BF says its to much work to do everyday..
    the vintage are the best...
  7. I have an older Chanel. It has the tassels connected to the zipper. It's a great bag. I don't use it a lot, I guess I have too many purses. What am I saying, you can never have too many purses!

  8. rarely
  9. my mum has a few and i like to use them. like some of the ladies here, she keeps all of her bags and rarely gives them away unless their too 'trendy'. now that she's older, she stopped buying trendy bags all together. (i.e. Dior Gaucho)
  10. I was going through old posts trying to find an answer to a question I have..when coming across this one. I have a few bags from this 'era', (late '80s - early 90s).....and after seeing how the Olsen girls where theirs...I decided to take a couple in for a 'spa' treatment. Vintage chanel seems 'right' at this time. The tassels are fun.....
  11. Exactly. Vintage Chanel does seem to work right now.

    The only compliments I ever get are on my vintage Chanels. (Not that I care. I wear what I like.) I think the reason people notice and give compliments is that the old bags look current, but yet are not as familiar as the ones being sold today and worn by many people. People can't quite identify my vintage Chanel Tote so it looks special to them... it still is Chanel, after all.

    I wonder if Chanel bags are a bit more special after they have been discontinued?
  12. I keep all Chanels and wear what I like. I have loaned them to my sister and daughter at times.

    I think Chanel has classic bags and will never go out of style.
  13. I noticed on some of my older bags....the chain is 'alot' longer. Back from the day when bags would hang below hip. (awful). I will not wear those right now.
  14. I love all Chanels, vintage or not. I agree with Jayne1, after all it's still a Chanel.
  15. I hope I will not have to sell my Chanels and in fact I am very open in buying vintage chanel bags.

    i agree with the others that Chanel is very classic whether its vintage or new :smile: and actually the longer straps are easier to carry than the ones with shorter straps