Do you carry your Damier bag while wearing black?

  1. Here is the thing:

    I really love the Damier and I want to get it in either the Speedy 30 or in the Papillon... however, I wear a lot of black. I already have the Mono Speedy 25 so I have a brown bag. I am just wondering what you do or if I should check out other bags instead. I am generally not a fan of black/brown together, but since this has the really dark brown on the handles and the dark brown on the print, I thought it may be more "do-able".

    I know you're all LV lovers, but try really hard not to let that sway you in this post! Thanks!
  2. Hmm, i think it goes well together. :p Actually, I think LV goes well with 90% of everything... :lol:
  3. Of course Damier can be worn with black!!....the canvas is actually black to begin with and the brown colors are silk-screened on it. If you take a close look at the canvas, you will be able to see the black and red undertones. :smile: And my vote is for the speedy 30.
  4. I have all Damies....and I can say that it looks awesome with black...but...

    You can always check out Epi lines if you are not that into the Damie print ..I just love the colorful Epis with Black as well...

    Good luck!!!
  5. Yep, I do. I think damier goes with everything. I don't see how it's any different than carrying the brown monogram.
  6. I actually don't carry my Mono when Im wearing black, but this one seems darker to me which is why Im asking. I just mentioned the Mono b/c I already have a brown bag and wasn't sure if I should go with this (since it is also brown.)

  7. I just wore my new Damier Speedy 25 today with my black boots and black wool coat and I think it looks very nice with black. It actually stands out more! I'm in love! :love:
  8. Oh I carry my Damier Saleya with black all the time. So chic!!
  9. I don't think I ever NOT wear black!!! :nuts: I love black and brown.

    Damier is perfect! :supacool:
  10. I think I am one of the few that doesn'y like brown with black...I don't think mono or damier match...especially when so many others match so well...both mc's, epi black, red, orange...vernis perle, framboise, red...kwim
  11. I wear my Mono and Damier bags with anything and everything!!!
  12. I like the subtle contrast of damier and black.
  13. i think it works bc it's a very dark brown, and as stated is originally black. i have the azur speedy 30 and love it, so my vote's for the damier speedy 30. i'm not really a fan of the damier papillon. post pics of whatever you get (when you're wearing black)!!!
  14. Definitely goes with black:yes:
  15. I carried my damier mini pochette while wearing a black silk dress and it looked FAB;) .