Do you carry your BV to work?

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  1. Ok. I have another question for you ladies; Do you carry your BV to work? BV's a bit more subtle than LV and Chanel. There are threads over at LV and Chanel, some people do not feel comfortable bringing their LVs and Chanels to work.

    I am just wondering if ladies with BV feel more comfortable bringing their BVs to work?

    I see a few ladies carry LVs to work in my company. For the 1st time, a couple weeks ago, I saw one woman carrying a Chanel. I rarely see anyone carry BV at my workplace.
  2. ya i have no problem wearing my BV to work since i dont think many people would know that it was a BV, which is why i really do appreciate this line of bags :smile:
  3. I carry my BVs to work every day. I don't like to attract attention to myself and probably would feel self-conscious carrying a brand that is well known, but absolutely no one in Vancouver knows what BV is...
  4. Absolutely! I carry all my bags to work. I am one of the owners but have great relationship with all our employees. They all know I am a bag "nut" so they always love to see my bags.
  5. Most definitely. I carry one to work with me everyday. Love how under-the-radar it is and doesn't scream for attention.
  6. +1, except I'm not in Vancouver.

    People at work do judge based on bags, so it's smart to be a little careful of what you carry. BV is "under the radar" which is one of the reasons I carry it so often.
  7. Absolutely! And to Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, drugstore....everywhere...
    No one around me knows the value of a BV, but even if they did, I would still carry it.
    After all, thats why i bought it!
  8. I don't simply because I currently commute 3 hours each way (ugh) and need a more practical bag - my one and only BV bag is just too small to function as a work tote.
  9. My Cabat in NYC is no big deal. I see so many H bags on any given day, it's dizzying, lol!
  10. Yes, because like the other ladies have said, no one really knows what it is. I too have noticed that I often receive many compliments on my BVs when I travel for business and in the office due to the sheer beauty of the bags, not because they know it is a BV. I love that about this brand.

    I also love and have many Chanels too but would never carry them to work as I am sure I would be judged harshly for it. Thank goodness for my BVs!
  11. That's not true! I love in Vancouver and I know what BV is hehe
  12. no, i need something sturdier to withstand the crush of ppl on the subways and other hazards of nyc.
  13. Okay, there is one other person besides me who knows BV! But I never see anyone else with one and the people I work with don't know what it is!
  14. I live near UBC and although I am not working now when I take my kids to preschool there are quite a few Moms carrying BV, including me and my sister....but yes compare to LV and Chanel far less people carry BV in Vancouver.
  15. Yes, definitely carrying BV to work, it's such an understated luxury, doesn't scream "I'm the boss".