Do you carry your birkins hardware facing in or out?

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Do you carry your birkins hardware facing in or out?

  1. Hardware in

  2. Hardware out

  3. Whatever's convenient

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Birkin wearers, do you carry your bags hardware facing in (towards your body) or out (towards the world)?

    Just wondering since I zoomed through the airport the other day and saw at least 6 birkins in the space of an hour, and started wondering if I'd been missing sightings all this while because folks have been stealth-carrying their b-bags shiny side in.....
  2. Generally hardware out, rarely in unless I am in the subway.
  3. Hardware facing out, always.
  4. Hardware facing out,but if in a crowded busy situation I do find myself facing it in.
  5. I just grab my bag anyhow, it's only when I find the hardware is poking me then I turn it out.
  6. I voted "hardware in," but generally only when I'm on the subway or I feel that it's too conspicuous. In neighborhoods where everybody has a birkin, I don't worry about it.
  7. Out!!!
  8. Out.....I'd be worried I might catch the turnlock and bend it if the hardware was towards me
  9. 50/50. It depends on my mood and the context.
  10. Me too. I don't really think about it, unless something pokes me....:smile:
  11. Both ways...depending on situation.
  12. Out. I don't want the hardware getting caught up in the clothing. Might be disasterous for both.
  13. Most of the times, its neither. Usually, my stroller is holding my Birkin, hardware facing out. Im so used to NOT having to carry any shopping bags and having nothing heavy on my arms or shoulder, its a nice feeling.

    I was joking with my friend this weekend, saying 8 years from now, I'll still be pushing a stroller around the mall, with no baby inside, just piled with all my shopping bags.
  14. OUT so the hardware would not keep scratching my denim
  15. It depends on the environment.