Do you carry your bbags for everyday stuff? Like to target?

  1. If you have a day of errands and your going to target, groceries... things like that, do you carry a bbag or something less fragile?
  2. I take my bbag everywhere, grocery shopping and all other random errands.
  3. You Bet

    I know this is a B-Bag forum, but when I had my LV LeFab strapped in the cart at Home Depot, it was classic.

    I am sure that the B-Bags will be off on shopping adventures soon too!
  4. I take my b-bag to everywhere I go ;)
  5. Yep I do...

    Even if its a trip to my BF's house and we arent going anywhere...

    I just like to have them with me all the time :heart: :love:
  6. Yes, even to Target and Walmart!
  7. Yup, my Balenciagas are my everyday them so much!
  8. me too! Can't stand to be without!:shame:
  9. Everyday and averywhere !!
  10. Everyday and anywhere:yes:
  11. i took em everywhere!!!
  12. AGREE with ALL of you :yes: :yahoo: - I repeat:

    Everyday and anywhere :tender: :cutesy: - love them so much :heart: :love:
  13. ^^What they said. ;)
  14. agree with firstclass!
  15. Yeah it's a B-bag, but it is still my PURSE, therefore it goes where I go. I've even taken it to the dollar store. :yes: