Do you carry your bags when running errands?

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  1. Fairly new owner and I find myself very guilty/conscious reaching for my wallet or carrying my bag when i am out running errands...anyone else in the same boat?
  2. Definitely not the case for me. I carry my bags as much as I can!
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  3. ive never personally had any issues (expensive bags are abundant where I live).
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  4. I take my bags everywhere! I do get glances where I live because you hardly ever see anything but Neverfulls, but that's all part of the LV life! lol
  5. I think you'll get used to it and realized that most people are going about their business without paying attention to what you're carrying. Earlier today I was at the DIY store with my Hermès Evelyne and spotted a woman with a LV Eva. They're meant to be used.
  6. Since I only carry LV, they have to go everywhere with me!!
  7. It’s all I carry. It’s a daily part of my routine. I enjoy getting my full use out of them. Yes, I even take them to the disgusting grocery store. :smile:
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  8. No not at all. I love my bag and it’s very special to me. I’m using it every chance I get. Enjoy your bag and wallet. Don’t worry what other people think.
  9. I try to take small crossbody bags when running errands. However, if I am going out for an extended amount of time, I need water so I bring a bigger bag.
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  10. +1. These things are expensive, so in order to get the best CpW (cost per wear) ratio, use them up, wear them out, and enjoy them fully!
  11. Same. Errands feel like 98% of my life anyway.
  12. I dont understand why you would feel this way. After years and years of carrying designer bags I can tell you- most people dont care and the few that do appreciate a designer bag compliment you on it- but really most dont care.
  13. I take them everywhere. LVs aren’t very common in my area, so yes I do get “looks” from time to time. But I don’t care. I love them and I use them.
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  14. Don't feel bad using your bags! I'm lazy to switch bags. So for my daily, I'm using my PM as a crossbody. It goes anywhere I go lol
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  15. Are you in an area where designer brands aren’t common ? If so - these people probably don’t even know you’re carrying a designer bag and probably wouldn’t care anyways

    If you’re in an area where they are common, then people still wouldn’t care because they probably have the same bag at home

    Moral of the story is...... people don’t care what you’re wearing lol use your bags!! They are yours for a reason.
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