Do You Carry New LV Right Away? And How Does That Make You Feel About Your Old LVs?


Do you carry a new bag right away?

  1. Yes, as soon as I possibly can!

  2. No, I prefer to save a new bag for a special, later date.

  3. It all depends on what the bag is.

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  1. Just wondering... Does anyone else feel a little bit, um, GUILTY when they buy a new LV? Like, here I am with my Denim Lichen Baggy GM, wearing it everyday for the past 3 months, and then I go and buy an Azur Speedy 30, and I don't know whether to switch all my stuff over right now or what? I guess waiting to use the Azur bag would be stupid, 'cause I really wanted her NOW to wear in the summertime, but then how does it make me feel about my green denim bag? I mean, that one cost a bundle, and I'm what, through with in in 90 days? I'm not in the habit of switching bags back and forth... I pretty much have one that I carry everyday for a season or so (with exceptions for fancy events or Saturday nights out.) So, what do the rest of you do?
  2. I switch almost everyday...eases the guilt! Too many bags in the closet unused otherwise.
  3. i still have new bags that are in boxes still! i have a hard time to swtiching over at first, but once you go's easy to rotate. now i just need to get those other ones into daylight. haha.
  4. i switch. depends on my mood of the day but sometimes i'll go a couple weeks using the same bag.
  5. I generally use them for different things. I generally use my papillion as my every day bag, and my noe is use for the gym. (Unless of course, I'm carying a whoel crapload of stuff, in which case, I use my noe.
  6. I am still a relative newbie so I don't have a lot of bags to choose from. I love that I am starting to have a choice, though! So yes when I get a new bag, I've usually wanted it for a long time and have already imagined all the outfits that will match perfectly!
  7. I always carry my new ones right away for a bit, then I put it into rotation with my other bags.
  8. When I get a new purse I can't wait to use it. I used my Mono Drouot to work and my BV on my days off. I use my Damier Marias in the winter.
  9. That's why I'm a one-bag girl... LOL

    I cannot stand being guilty.
  10. Hahaha! I thought I was the only person that felt that guilt in switching everything over to a new bag right away! I tend to wait a day or so, wear the new bag around the house, (for that initial fear of not wanting to ruin it!), then I'll move all my stuff into it to see how it fits, and *bam!*, I have a new everyday bag! Then it gets rotated, depeding on the day/outfit.
  11. I'm a user- thought at one point I could collect- but the guilt took over my conscious----I keep going back to the Mono Speedy 30--------- :love:

    but ITA- that GM was a hefty spend and the best advice I could give is to rotate frequently
  12. I pretty much stalk a bag for a long while before I get it so when I finally get it I wear it pretty much right away. By that point I've usually thought about what outfits/accessories I'd wear the bag with.

    I do, however, switch bags almost every day. I have way too many bags but the ones I am using the most at the moment are: Damier Speedy, Baggy PM Blue, Neo Speedy Fuschia, Amarante Rosewood, Pomme Rox, BH and MC Audra in Black.
  13. I used to switch bags daily - but since buying LV I don't. Lately I am too lazy to do the whole switch thing anyway. I used my speedy literally from November to May and since then I have been using my baggy pm. I also don't have many LV's (yet!!!) I like to use a bag for a couple of months at a time. Also keeps people from saying "omg ANOTHER bag??!!"
  14. As soon as I get a new bag, I begin using it right away!:wlae:Unless, of course, it's an evening bag. I do admit that my older LVs feel neglected when the new bag arrives and I never use the older ones that often any more (hence my LV collection going from 30+ pieces to only 6!:shocked:).
  15. I feel guilty using my Azur Speedy especially since my Popincourt Haut is still fairly new and cost a bit more.:rolleyes: