Do you carry colorful bags?


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Sep 12, 2015
I have my eye on a cobalt blue bag right now, I also own purple, pink and orange. Since I dress in mostly neutrals, any bag matches. I also no longer worry about the seasons or whether or not I'm too old for these bags, as I would have even last year. Black gets old after a while!
Which colors do you rock?
Yes. My neutrals are black and red bags. I also have blues and purples. I don't coordinate my bags with the seasons, I wear whatever color/bag that suits my needs that day.
Colorful bags and scarves are my way of switching from season to season. Currently I own fuchsia, baby pink, navy, blueberry, purple, red, petrol, green, turquoise, blue, olive, mustard and a couple floral prints. Plus a whole heap of neutrals like grey, mole grey, beige, black and white. If my wish comes true, Santa will bring me a navy & polka dot backpack...

My most common uniform is jeans, sweater/t-shirt, a hoodie or cardigan and heels, boots or canvas sneakers. Most of my clothes are black, white and grey so if I didn't wear a colorful scarf and bag, I'd look really boring and dull.
My wardrobe is pretty colorful, so I tend to go for neutral bags, usually black. I do have a couple bags in bright colors for when I feel like being extra colorful though, especially in summer!
I love colours! I have red, pinks, purples, orange, blues, mauve and I pair them with neutral outfits but I also have black, taupe, grey which I pair with my more colourful outfits. I love variety!
Possibly, I should wear t-shirts reading, "This is not a mistake. It's personal style."
Because I clash together all sorts of odd color combinations.
Then wear different colored bags.

So far, no one has taken a screwdriver to his/her own eyes. Hoping to escape from my outfits.
But, there's always tomorrow. :biggrin:
I have several colorful bags which I just love.. it brings that unexpected pop of color
to an outfit..

For me I think of greens & purples as being neutrals so they work for me as any black
bag would especially in the evening or the summer
I have bags in almost every color, but most tend to be more muted, except the red and turquoise bags.

I don't have purple, yellow, or orange yet. I'm always looking for the perfect purple bag.