do you carry big bags? whats in there that needs such a bag?

  1. hey all, ive been looking for my next bag purchase, and love the slouchy look and all, but they're all huge, and i was wondering what would you put in it? everyones always talking about messes of crap and how the bottoms of their bags are pitless..but when i look into my burberry jacquard sling i see a wallet, a phone, some lip gloss/chapstick, maybe a mirror, and my ipod. what else should there be? im still young so thats probably why i carry little, but ive seen people here in my age bracket talking about needing bigger bags. so what functions do your bags carry out for you?
  2. I own mostly big bags because I'm a student, so I am always lugging around books and papers. But I wouldn't own the bottomless hobo bags if I didn't generally haul around so much stuff. If you'd like a slouchy hobo but don't want the weight and bulkiness of a big bag, you might check out some Coach suede and leather hobos. I find that most Coach bags are so light that I don't mind the extra room and material even when I'm only carrying around a few things. Plus you won't feel too bad about investing $150 or so in a Coach if you decide the slouchy style isn't generally your cup of tea (at least compared to the luxury brands!).
  3. i love big bags!!! i hate having to place everything in my bag carefully so it'll zip up...... i carry a continental style wallet, blackberry, cosmetic bag, keys, water bottle............ I clean out my purse for reciepts once a week so my bag is always neat.
  4. I love big bags too! I think they look the best on me and I when I'm in a rush, I can just stuff everything I need in there and go. In my bigger bags, I even carry binders and books for school.
  5. I was pondering a big bag tonite at the mall. I really like the look of them, but ended up not getting it b/c I only carry a change purse, card holder, lipgloss and phone LOL....I figured it would be a pain to dig to the bottom of it for so few items.
  6. I'd have to aske the oppositre question, how can anyone carry those itsy bitsy bag? I don't think that I carry that much, but end up needing a beig bag!n I have my phone, ipaq, large wallet with checkbook, keys, comb, 2 lipsticks, powder, eye drops, hair clip, hand lotion, hand sanitizor, small tape measure, some mints, saftey pin, small pill case with couple of asprin. i also like to have the option to throw in papers or to do lists, etc and a bottle of water. Oh I also have a business card case and sunglasses.
  7. LOL right? i feel the same way...damn man i need to buy me more stuff! except i like carrying my water bottle in my hand lol for some reason..
  8. I love bigger bags!!!! I used to use small bags ( they are cute) but you just can't put anything in it...
  9. I love big bags too..... but i also like smaller ones, because what i really look for is good design and quality, and it all depends on the occassion to wear each bag, as usually bigger bags look more casual.
  10. Me too! I clean out my purse of receipts at the end of the week or so!
  11. i've been wondering the same thing. i just can't come up with stuff to fill my two or three (lol) "big" bags. i really only need cash, my debit card, a juicy tube, and my phone. is it weird that i'm fine using a large coach wristlet as a purse? on the occasional shopping day i need a bigger bag because i want to bring my chanel sunglasses and the case is HUGE. otherwise i'm clueless as to what to bring...
  12. I find myself just throwing in things at random to fill my larger bags, while I like the look of bigger bags, I like the look of smaller bags even more and they're far more practical for what I realistically need.
  13. phone, wallet, lipgloss, foundation stick, tweezers, feminine supplies, brush, gum, and my smallest bag is stuffed.
    sometimes when i know i'm going somewhere like school or work, I want to carry water, a granola bar, a book, my mp3 player, etc. so a bigger bag is helpful.
    but anything bigger than like 15" seems like overkill, then again I do carry a ginormous crumpler for my laptop, its plug thing, a fullsize cordless mouse, papers, pens, and emergency underwear.
  14. I always have to be super organized, and I like big bags because even if I don't have a lot of stuff in there when I leave the house, I like to have room to put more stuff in later.

    I usually carry a French purse, palm pilot, make-up case, hair brush, two sets of keys, hand lotion, roll of blotting paper, coupons or other membership/business/punch cards, etc. in the zip pocket. Cell phone, flash drive, lip balm, mints (in the outer pockets if the bag has some). That's probably the minimum. I like to be able to look in there and see everything, neatly arranged so I can grab it.

    But since I'm a magazine editor, I often have magazines, books, mail, other papers etc, that I may throw in during the course of the day.
  15. Dang, alot of you girls sure carry alot of stuff! :lol: My bags are usually no more than 12" long and I consider any bags over 15" long as a really big bag for me. I tend to like to hand carry my bag instead of putting them over my shoulder so I usually go for a small or medium satchel as my daily use.