Do you carry and use most of your bags?

  1. I'm curious, a lot of us seem to have acquired enough purses by tokidoki to last us a lifetime. Are you actually taking tags off and using them? Or, the ones you don't totally love are you collecting dust on them w/the tags in case you decide to sell one day?
  2. I pretty much use all of mine. If I'm not using it I sell it. None of mine have tags on them. (but I do save the tags just in case)
  3. I take the tags off as soon as I get them so that I WILL use them. I have 18 bags now (I think) and I have used all of them except the canguro and the two Lunas (unless you count "using them" as the fact that they are storage for all my other bags). I even used the Stellina I bought Sunday. I took the tags off at the store entrance and put my stuff in it right then and there and carried it to the car and then into Walmart where I stopped in my way home!

    I love them too much not to use them and I try to use a different one every time I go out. Most used? Portatelfono.
  4. You've got to use the canguro :yahoo: :yes:

    I have never used my playground angioletto. It was so exciting when I got it. I took the tags off and there it sits. I think it's because I have to carry it more than actually wearing it. I don't like carrying stuff.
  5. yeah, the most used of my collection is my denaro! :graucho: So far I've used my bella bella the most. :heart: :heart: (The original print one...haven't used the playground print one yet...I'm trying to save that one until fall because I don't wear many of the earth tones during spring. Not that it matters....but I have the paradiso & original print which are perfect for spring! And then the amore is coming in the next couple of weeks:yahoo: its another spring & summer I'm sure I'll be broke and not buying more tokis anytime soon. I want to savor the "newness" at fall time to carry my playground print! I'm still waiting for my foresta to come too....I'll probably use that one to go to ball games and the park!:nuts:
  6. I'm thinking I might need a canguro at some point though....don't they usually have those on clearance at macys? Anybody know where I can get one cheap? haha! I wasn't buying anymore tokis !!! That lasted 2 minutes.
  7. I've used a few of my bags. The only two I haven't used are my pirata and playground bella bella I just got.

    I plan on wearing the pirata in the summer since it is a summer print. The playground I'll break out soon though.

    I think with some of the Tokis they are more appropriate for certain seasons.

    Foresta - Fall (reminds of me school starting/apples)
    Pirata - Summer
    Inferno - Winter (dark color)
    Amore - Would have been perfect for V-day
    Spiaggia - Summer (at least it will come out at the right time).
  8. Sounds like me last week. I wasn't going to buy anymore and now I have 3 bags on their way. Oh well :shrugs:
    Check out this canguro. It's cute if you like the shark (which I do!)
    The only thing that sucks with Canguro is it's hard getting a good print since it's small and kind of choppy with the pockets.
    On my Adios Canguro I had to have the rainbow on the front. Poor Jen had to find it for me since nowhere around here has tokidoki.
  9. Well I don't have any where I am either....I'm at the mercy and kindness of sa's or "blind ship". Or paying too much on eBay!
  10. That is a cute one Robotkitten! I like the shark and the little boy w/the soccer ball on the back. Too bad it still has 6 days to go it is already at $81. I don't know how much a canguro goes for at retail?
  11. $108 full price
  12. I'm sure you can get an inferno or paradiso from the outlets right now for a better price. I'm not as crazy about playground because of the tan strap but you could probably find one of those cheap.
  13. i always though that the soccer boy, was uh.. girl :lol:
  14. i use my paradiso cucciolo daily for school...

    foresta trenino every weekend cuz i go home on the weekends...

    inferno dolce is my current little bag that i use...

    and paradiso zucca is my going out bag...

    i still have a citta rosa buon viaggio, inferno mamma mia, foresta ciaociao that go into random rotation as my going out bags =)
  15. You just have to keep trying on eBay. I feel like I've gotten really good deals so far. Everything I've bought has been at least 20% less than retail (some more then 50% - Carmella for $29!) and had the characters I had to have.