do you carry an lv wallet?

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Do you carry an LV wallet?

  1. Yes- I carry an LV wallet

  2. No, I do not carry an LV wallet

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Yes, with larger bags I carry the mono zippy wallet, its the best ever for those of us who LVOE organization. When carrying pochettes as purse, use Broome + cles combo, works great!
  2. damier koala ~~~~ love it!
  3. I don't carry one, wish I had one though!
  4. I don't currently, but I have to get one. I want a vernis french purse, but i can't decide on a color.
  5. I use the Marc Jacobs zip clutch as my wallet. I really love LV but this MJ wallet is just too gorgeous, and as the name implies, it may also be used as a clutch. And it's all calf leather. It has lots of compartments too!
  6. I use my Pomme agenda as a wallet as well as an indigo ludlow.
  7. I use the epi wallet. It is small so I don't have to change wallets when using smaller bags. Other cards go in the epi small ring agenda or the MC MM pochette. I love the easy access to coins and the the large bills compartment.
  8. When I'm carrying my pochettes I usually use my Bronze Vernis Ludlow or Mono Billfold (or sometimes a cles).
    When I'm carrying a larger bag, I use one of my PTI's or Pochette wallets. I find that they're made just as well as the bags and I don't use a different wallet because I NEED to (because it's wearing out, etc.), but because I want to.
  9. damier pocket agenda. it's my checkbook cover and holds all my cards that i need (3 slots = 1 DL/ID, 1 bank check card, and one CC). the other side holds stamps and my gym membership card. :smile:
  10. I have a Mono Koala. I love the ID window. It is a perfect size.

  11. Got 2. MC Zippy & MC PTI.
  12. i use the mono pochette wallet and i LOVE it. it is so practical. :smile:
  13. I use my Taiga 3 CC wallet with coin compartment everyday (color is ardoise = dark grey). I bought it because I wanted great quality but simple look at the same time. It still looks new after 1 year, but I'm wondering wether cheaper Aigner and Tumi wallets would have hold up the same
  14. I use the Denim Zippy Wallet
  15. I carry a monogram zippy which holds credit cards & ID, check register, paper money and coins. I LOVE it since I can pluck it out of my bag and go. I have a similar Coach wallet.

    I was at the LV boutique in San Francisco a week ago and saw the new monogram Beverly wallet that was very cute too (I was carrying my new Beverly and the SA had to show me the wallet...shame on her!). I LOVE the monogram Koala wallet as well and will probably pick one up in the not-to-distant future...either the Beverly wallet or the Koala.