do you carry an lv wallet?

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Do you carry an LV wallet?

  1. Yes- I carry an LV wallet

  2. No, I do not carry an LV wallet

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. i do...i have the damier zippy wallet with i LVOE!!!!! it holds everything and anything i need!:heart:
  2. Currently I'm using a Fuschia Perforated Compact Zippe. When I'm using my pochettes though, I switch to a Multi-cles Rabat. That fits everything the compact zippe can except I have to fold all my bills.
  3. I have the vernis framboise french purse and the pomme zippy (havent taken it out of the box yet, still trying decide on it).
  4. i use my black mc koala. i wanted an mc zippy, but they didn't have them out yet, so i went for the koala, and love it.
  5. I am currently using my Monogram Ludlow. but i usually switch off from that to my Cerises compact zip wallet.
  6. Yes - the mono french purse. I wish I had gotten a vernis though.
  7. I am trying....but not really much of a wallet gal in general. The forgotten/neglected LV thread made feel guilty enough to get out my Groom CZ & give it another try, but I don't think it's going to work out for us :sad:
    I do think LV wallets are well made & gorgeous, just not something I use everyday.
  8. I currently use the french purse in pomme which DH bought for my birthday. I love the colour and the clasp instead of the zip. Before this one I used a red vernis PTI which was also great because of the size and plenty of credit card slots.
  9. yes, i have two. the damier brazza for big bags and the pomme ludlow for clutches and smaller bags. love them. lv has the best quality wallets out there, i think.
  10. Here's another vote for the mono french purse. The last one I had lasted 10 years and I just got my new one a few months ago. I never change my wallets, so it's best that I stick with a classic style. It's the right size for me because I have small hands, and it holds bills, credit cards and change.
  11. I have converted all my accessories to LV. I have the tresor wallet, the six key holder, and the pocket organizer. I also have the key/change holder that I do not use very often. Guess what? All of these items are in mandarin.:tup:
  12. Currently using the framboise koala.
    I had a MC PTI and found it too big. But the MC zippy style is growing on me.
  13. I don't carry one yet, but I think that will be my next LV purchase. Just trying to decide on the Pouchette or zippy.
  14. i carry The Koala Agenda as a wallet i love it.... But for cash and coins I use the Mono Groom Zip wallet. I just love both, But i love more the agenda as the wallet its so practical and alot less expensive than a normal LV wallet.
  15. Damier Koala because it's compact in size but still has a lot of cc slots to fit everything.