Do you carry a Twiggy AND another Bbag at the same time?

  1. Just wondering... since the Ralph Lauren black canvas and leather tote bag I am currently carrying to work (I teach 2nd grade) is kind of crapping out, would it look weird to carry a Twiggy as a handbag and another Bbag (like a Work or a City) as a briefcase? I mean, at the same time? Is it overkill? Does anyone else carry two at a time? Do you match your colors? Contrasting colors? Complementary colors? I'm currently carrying an Olive (Amande) Twiggy... what color(s) would look best in a Work or City?
  2. I often carry a City and Work at the same time--I usually use a City as my normal everyday purse and then I use the work for more of a tote--when I need to carry x-tra clothes, makeup, etc to my pilates studio, or as a carry-on for airplane travel...

    The more the merrier! ;)
  3. I think 2 at once is fine...

    I'd get the Work... perhaps in black?
  4. i carry my "works" to work & that's all i need to get me thru the day :wlae: