Do you carry a shiny croc during the day?

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  1. I realize this may be a hypothetical question to some, but I'm curious, do you carry your shiny croc bag during the day? Is it your everyday bag and it goes where you go? Is it for after dark only, or do you think it depends on the color/size? If it is a 35, would that make a difference?

    I'm reminded of an article I read where celebrity stylist, Robert Verde, responded to Eva Longoria's question "where would I carry it?" (referring to her fuschia 35 shiny croc birkin before buying it). "You should carry it everywhere, even to bed". (These may not be the exact quotes, but you get the drift.)

    What do you think?
  2. Hi.
    I do not owne an H croco handbag, but i do collect vintage croco handbags, and I love to wear them in day time everywhere, rock them with jeans, t-shirts or lady looking style, they really "pull up", any simple look wich became chick wearing a croc handbag.
    Dont find it "easy" for summer, I think they are more suitable for winter/autum or even spring.
    I hope this helps.
  3. have shiny croc kellys and tradition dictates daytime wear, however, i wear them only for dressy events, whether day or evening. but never ever if rain or snow is expected;)
  4. Croc is traditionally only for day, not for evening. I collect vintage/antique etiquette books, and they all state, unequivocally, that croc is THE elegant woman's choice, but only for daytime.

  5. How very interesting! So shiny or matte, small or large, simply the skin itself is designated for daytime. I never knew. . . (and apparently I don't always follow etiquette either :P).

  6. I agree - croc elevates any outfit! I guess matte is easier (and depending on color) to pull off in the summer.
  7. i allways wear them i wear my red shyny croc and diamonds i have to say i do usually wear 30cm in croc because i find it less flashy but i still wear them allways though at night they do look better but when i have lunch at my friends houses or at chic restaurants besides my buissines has a lot to do with fashion so i wear them to work i dont save them at all for special specific ocasions but understand that some people only wear them for special ocasions
  8. i wear both day and night. mine is 30cm and i like it small and special. i don't carry it if i know i'm going to be in sketchy places or it might rain.
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    kim mac we are so on the same chanel with the size issue im so happy to find someone who thinks alike
  10. by the way that pink birkin on your profile soooo divine !!!!!! darling
  11. i carry my shiny and matte croc during the daytime mostly, as per the customary usage indicated by some of the other ladies. this is also just a practicality issue; while i'm always careful around peoples' items, i don't trust that others will always return the favour when alcohol enters the mix, as it often does in the evening (>(oo)<)
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    I take my little Croc Constance out in the daytime from time to time
    but never if I think its going to rain then I don't.

    LV Piggy so funny re the alcohol and very wise I think can you imagine if some spilt on a croc :biguns:

    BTW I love that Avator of yours! its so droolworthy:drool::biggrin:
  13. Imo, croc is for daytime, unless its a clutch like a kelly pochette or medor but even those definitely not for formal eveningwear. I just can't get used to seeing tote bags like birkins (whether exotic or not) with evening wear.
  14. I prefer it for night, and matte for day.
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    This was my concern too, and I go back and forth with how I feel about it. It's kind of funny to think that a 35 shiny croc can be "flashy" but a 30 shiny isn't, but there does seem to be a fine line, especially depending on color.