Do you carry a different bag everyday?

  1. I try to, i want to rotate my bags but sometimes I just feel lazy to move my things from one bag to the other. How about you ladies?
  2. I use my mezzo daily (for school) but I try to rotate my bags - I dont wanna neglect any of my babies!
  3. I rotate my bags 2 or 3 times per week, speedy 25, goyard and longchamp
  4. I do try to use a different bag every week. Some get alot more use than others though.
  5. I usually try to switch bags every couple of weeks (Miu Miu currently) for work, but I definitely use different bags when I go out (lately Laura Merkin and Gucci).
  6. I don't switch my bags every day but I do it pretty often - every couple days or so. It depends on whether I have alot to carry, weather, where i'm going, what I'm wearing. Quite frankly it drives my BF crazy cuz he's like, just grab a damn bag and let's GO already :rolleyes:
  7. so true..... I'm too lazy to remove my stuff from one to the other..... painful

    what I usually do is .... when I feel bore sitting at home, then I'll rotate my bag.... :p

    and once I stick with a bag for a long time, it's kinda hard to get use to another bag (feels more comfortable w/ the old one).... just my opinion.....
  8. I change around a lot. I use something different almost every day.
  9. I have a planned rotation: Monday-Friday I use my Longchamp le pliage tote in brown because its my school bag...Friday night I always go out so I use my Damier Azur pochette and sometimes on saturday night too! Then Saturday and Sunday during the day I use one of my speedies (damier or mono, but its been damier lately since ive only had it for a month and 1/2!) Then Monday morning it starts over :p
  10. I've been using my black denim neo cabby for the fall now. Once I start using my mirage speedy, I will try to rotate between the 2. I use my mono speedy 30 right now when I wear brown.
  11. no! def not everyday :p
    i tend to wear my latest favourite bags as much as i can except if i have to change it due to unsuitable occasion or unsuitable needs.
    but i do try to rotate more at least 2 times a month
  12. I match my bags to my outfits and my moods. Sometimes I will use the same bag for weeks. Othertimes I will change every day - or even 2x in one day! Depends on how I'm feeling. Definately I have favorites though. Some bags - like my lilas Epi mabillon and my black MC trouville, just seem to go with everything!
  13. I switch up my bags depending on where I am going, and sometimes what I am wearing!
  14. Twitching bags, for me, depends on where I am going.

    When I go to school: I like to switch to my SHOULDER bags because my backpack is way too heavy and holding a handheld bag would make it worst.

    On other occasions: I always switch to my HANDHELD bags. I usually like to use one for a full week and then switch to the other one the next week and so on.

    I totally understand the lazy feeling of having to transfer everything from one purse to another.

    However, despite that feeling, I try to use all of my bags as much as I can as I hate the fact of my expensive bags not being used. I get a guilty feeling. :p
  15. I usually switch my bag every single day lol! Unless I'm really in love with one of them...