Do you carry a clutch? What do you think of them?

  1. Hello,

    Just curious: Does anyone here use a clutch, and also, what do you think of them? Personally, as beautiful as one may be, all I can think is that I want to be "hands-free" and not have to carry something around.
  2. I don't use one. I can visualize putting it down somewhere and strolling off completely forgetting that my bag wasn't on my shoulder but rather left on a counter or can of peas somewhere!
  3. i carry clurches sometimes, but very rarely.
    i can't fit what i need inside clutches, i only carry them for weddings

  4. girl its so funny you say that cause me and my friend were JUST talking about this today we were in the prada outlet and there was cute clutch for $250 it was so nice but we both said we couldnt use cluthes cause we were sure we would just leave them sitting somewhere and that would be it!!! :smile:
  5. I would love a Chanel clutch :smile:
  6. I personally prefer bigger bags. Just because I seem to carry my life inside my bag :smile: However I do use clutches for weddings and fine dining.
  7. I do not, and I really don't understand the appeal.

    Why do people voluntarily give up the use of one entire hand simply to display a bag that could just as easily have a strap that would in no way detract from its beauty, and could easily enhance it?

    Maybe the clutch people can enlighten those of us who are baffled by the phenomenon!
  8. I use them for parties, and other occations when I don't have to carry a lot of things around.
  9. Same!:yes:
  10. I really like them! I wouldn't carry one every day or anything, but sometimes carrying a big bag around is a pain when you go out or get dressed up. It's easier to find a spot for a clutch than a bag, and it's nice to not have the bulk with you all the time. I have a handful of clutches in a few different colors so I can coordinate them. I've never forgotten one anywhere, because I always carry a purse so I'm used to having to grab something. Sometimes all you need is some cash, your I.D., some lip gloss, and a cell phone, and a clutch is perfect for those times.
  11. I've used my Epi pochette as a clutch and I don't find it cumbersome.
  12. I have a few clutches and I love them! I like to just tuck them under my arm. I've never forgotten nor dropped them. If I'm going out dancing, though, I always take a bag with straps, but for dinner, bars, etc. clutches are great and much less bulky than one of my big bags
  13. I need a nice clutch that I can carry to party's/bars/weddings/etc. I just can't always carry a huge bag with me.
  14. I use clutches every now and again but I like to be hands free. Clutches bring an air of sophistication to the right outfit. Try one.
  15. I love clutches! They are not for everyday because I carry a lot of stuff around, but for special occasions, I agree that they add elegance and sophistication to your outfit.
    Allison - Here are some suggestions-
    Goldenbleu patent leather - 3 great colors

    This Lauren Merkin comes in tons of different colors

    And finally, if you like exotic skins, I have this in teal and I love it, It's big enough that you can fit tons of stuff in it.

    Hope you find something you like!