Do you care where your LV was made?

  1. My aunt went and exchanged her passport wallet made in spain for a zippy wallet made in France just because she didn't like the fact that it was made in Spain! And now she misses her passport wallet and asks me to look for her to see if I can find any made in france!

    She says that any LV that says made in Spain she wont buy.

    Do you guys care?

    If there were 2 LVs the same and one was made in France and the other Spain, would u have a preference?

    My other aunt says that she doesn't care where its made as long as its authentic!
  2. No, I really don't care, it's still LV
  3. Well, I think I wouldn't really mind THAT much, but if given a choice to actually choose, of course I'll take the "Made in France" ones... :P
  4. There were numerous threads about this before :yes:
    I don't care.
  5. It's not a huge deal to me, but I definatly prefer France or Spain over the US. I know they are all the same quality etc... but to me LV is a european brand and should be made there not in North America. Of course I would take a made in the USA if I had to. :P
  6. No, I do not care, and yes, there is a thread on this subject.
  7. Too many other things to worry about!!! (like how to get the piles of crap I buy in the door!!!) What country it is from is the least of my worries. LOL
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: I actually WANT a "made in USA" bag.
  9. Nope, as long is authentic I don't mind, I have some made in USA, France and Spain and as a matter of fact, I feel so good when I buy things made in USA, this way I am helping keeping the jobs in this country, we really need them.
  10. no i need made in france :smile: i didn't like mono. speedy because it was made in USA. so i was happy that the damier one was made in france
  11. I don't mind. I would like to have LV's made in all the different places just so I can say I have one from each place. But, really I don't care. it's a LV and I love it no matter where it is made.
  12. Some of my LV items are made in Spain, and there was absolutely no difference whatsoever in quality. The quality is the same.
  13. No preference either.
  14. No.
  15. I don't care where my LV is made, as long as it is authentic. In fact, I like the idea that they employ some people in the US to make their luxury goods because I am sick of wealthy corporations exporting their labor to other countries to make more of a profit.