Do you care what color scheme you get for Multicolor items??

  1. When you purchase a MC item, do you care about the color scheme of the LVs? or do you just take whichever one they happen to give you? I find that there are certain color schemes I like more, (I don't like to have 2 pinks right next to each other even if they are slightly different shades) and that I would consider not buying an item I like simply if it is in a less favorable color scheme. Am I crazy or overly looking into MC items to feel that way? How does everyone else feel about the color scheme? Similar to me? or do you think A MC lv is still a MC lv and color scheme doesnt matter you'll love it eitherway? :flowers:
  2. only my speedy*white* i did, I wanted lots of pink/purple :smile: and got it
  3. Well, I have only recently discover about the color scheme thingy. I wouldn't have minded so much before that but from now onwards, yea, I would really mind. lol :P I'm just known for being extra fussy in details and colors. My thought is that, if there's a choice, why not getting the perfect one that we absolutely LOVE? I don't like settling for second best especially paying such amount of money(might not be a lot for some :P) for an LV.
  4. I don't really care too much about the color scheme, but it was a coincidence that my trouville has lots of pink on it, which is my favorite color.
  5. I LOVE Multicolore! I could care less about the color scheme, they are all very beautiful!

  6. I'm a picky person anyways, but I dislike the line with dark pink, black, and green logos. None of the three colors are attractive to me.
  7. for my trouville, i actually chose from 3 bags. I wanted to have that 9 colors of LV on it. the first one have the same color combo on its first and third row..I didn't like it.
  8. Yes, if I were to purchase MC, I would look for my favorite color (s).

  9. WOW MICHELLE your MC collection is breathtaking:nuts:
  10. i love them all, so it's not a big deal from me. but when there's a few options in front of me, i'll do the pick. i'll let no one do it for me
  11. I am not picky as I think it's all pretty!
  12. I HATE the dark green* other than that I don't mind!
  13. I love the line with the two blue and the green in it :love:

    I try to get that lineup on my MC pieces
  14. i care too!
    when i finally get a MC item, i want lots of pinks!
    i don't like the black, navy blue, or dark green... :yucky:
  15. Great to know im not the only one! I am super fussy with details too!!! haha. Its sometimes embarassing because I notice everything. My SO used to laugh and just slap his forehead and nod as he finds it quite amusing.
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