Do you care if you Coach is FP (from the boutique) or MFF (outlet)?

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  1. So yesterday I purchased two Coach bags that I absolutely fell in love with, and I am a handbag noob, so I was just browsing around and reading through this forum. I read this thread , and it talked about the difference between an FP (full price/ from the boutique) vs. MFF (made for factory/outlet) Coach bag. I went through my collection and noticed that only two of my Coach bags were the FP/boutique version and four were MFF. I kind of became sad and disappointed because I read that the outlet bags are lesser in quality. At the moment I feel a bit cheated. I mean, I know it's Coach and we're not talking about premier designer bags, but I just thought that all Coach bags were made with the same quality and care, and to find out that some of mine are not bums me out. How big of a difference are bags from the boutique vs. the outlet, and do you mind where you get your bags from? Does it matter?
  2. Don't worry too much about labels. Part of it depends on the age of your bags. I've gotten MFF bags that are exactly the same quality as FP bags. In the past, there were some items that I believe were originally made for FP but at the last minute they slapped MFF creeds into them. So exactly the same. Sometimes they will remake a FP style for MFF and change some of the details - sometimes the MFF bags are simpler or have thinner hardware and leather that is not quite as good, but not always. I was unhappy with the Isabelle remake - the leather was terrible, the original had wonderful leather. Sometimes for MFF they'll just change the hardware and leather colors, or add a crossbody strap that wasn't available in the original. In those cases, sometimes MFF might be better than FP.

    There was a period when some MFF bags looked really cheap, like 2013 Zoe which was no where near the quality of 2008 FP Zoe or 2009 MFF Zoe (which were both identical in quality). If you love your bags and the only reason you realize they are MFF is when you look at the creed, then it shouldn't matter. I have a couple of MFF bags that I'm completely happy with. My MFF saffiano tote is superior to the FP versions IMO because it has lots of pockets and a crossbody strap that the FP versions don't.

    ETA: by the way, I always appreciate a bargain so I love buying my bags from the outlet. I always head for the FP bags in the outlet first. A lot of my accessories are MFF. They make a lot of accessories for factory that are more useful to me than the FP designs.
  3. I have NEVER been disappointed in a Coach bag whether FP or MFF.
    Some of their styles don't appeal to me, and sometimes the materials used are of different qualities but think they are the best sewn, best lined bags bar none.
    Sometimes a bag is too flashy for me personally, but that's just me.
    I posted in another thread that the only difference in a bag is is it well sewn and the 40+ Coach bags I have owned over the years have always been that.
    Enjoy your purchases. I am sure they are gorgeous!!
  4. It will be interesting to see if Coach can pivot away from its outlet model, which made it very rich in years past and now has become an issue for the brand. Recently, FP bags are quite different from what one can find at the outlet... Coach is in the process of a thorough self-transformation... we'll see what happens next. All I can say is, after years of mediocre designs, I finally see great stuff in the boutiques. It makes me happy to see Coach renew with its historic brand. And it makes me want to purchase there again.
  5. Not really, but I do gravitate towards FP bags because they are mostly full leather as opposed to signature fabric.

  6. Maybe it has to do with the outlets nearest you?
    I have 2 within a mile of each other and I see MANY FP bags (there are 3 FP boutiques and 10 high end department stores in the metro area). I actually went looking for a Jacquard bag to use as a beater and couldn't find one.
    It was all leather, mainly Saffiano.
  7. It's all about the individual bag. Over the years, I have been "forced" to go FP because I don't live near an outlet and I don't like returning things through the mail. In my city it's just difficult. IMHO the full price bags at Coach stores and dept stores are on a continuum of quality even now and so are the MFFs. But there's a standard that Coach lives up to with both. A few of my most awesome Coach bags were made for outlets, like my laser cut tote which is gorgeous but has that F right there on the creed. So with Coach, I think it's what you appreciate in the individual bag that you have. I have a mixture of factory and full price, and I'm satisfied with each one. Hope this helps a little.

  8. There's almost no siggy MFF anymore. They do almost all leather now. Mostly crossgrain, but some softer leathers too. Phoebe and Kelsey are MFF staples now, and quite close to the original FP Madison versions.
  9. I have ( and bought many more for the gifts) 3 mff bags, all look fantastic after 3-4 years of hard wearing. I realized that they are mff when started to read this forum couple years ago.... :worthy:
  10. It is not that I am opposed to MFF, I just really don't like any of them. I can tell the difference pretty easily, and there is a certain look to them that just doesn't appeal to me like some of the FP bags.
  11. IMO the quality of FP and MFF have been merging and it is getting harder to tell them apart, except for the current 1941 line which they will probably knock off for factory in a year or two. I don't like the move to crossgrain, hatched or coated canvas products.

    Prices in both categories MFF and FP are up. Quality is down.

    If you buy FP at the outlet or FOS (Factory online sale) it is often cheaper than the MFF counterpart.
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    I have/had both, it does really depend on the bag... generally i do avoid MFF often as Lizmill said you can purchase a FP style for comparable...

    I have an older MFF satchel that sucker has gone on for years... whereas i had another satchel style where the hardware faded in weeks...

    It's strange though because some comparisons as of late show little difference with some pouches/wristlets from MFF to FP.. that is frankly disturbing...

    For myself, i utilize the factory stores to buy FP @ a discount. You will rarely catch me paying full price for Coach, only exception are LTD collections but since they copied that to the factory store too, i am less inclined to even do that.

    ETa; an afterthought... THE key to this whole nonsense is being aware what your buying, i dislike that people don't know this is NOT a 300$.xx bag, that is a price it's never sold for, the idea that people do not know what a MFF Is nor the concept exists... deception.. is what these factory stores are pulling not just Coach by any means many brands do this, even premier... with these "factory stores"
  13. Okay, I bought what I believe is a Swagger 21 Croc Embossed would this be different in quality? Would the FP be a softer leather?
  14. I love you lol you're so detailed
  15. [​IMG]
    Swagger 21

    Blake, which is Swagger's factory counterpart.

    Check the style number, which is found on a small slip of paper sewn into a corner of the interior zippered pocket. Hope this helps.

    ( Pictures borrowed from and ebay )