Do you care about the brand w/ Handbags? or You buy what looks good?

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  1. #1 Feb 20, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2010
    for all the ladies tha buy a lot of bags for contemporary fashion use. just wondering? does it always have to be gucci, prada head to toe? etc (hi end lines)

    or you buy $100-200 bagss to if it looks good. is it the built? quality? or the name you lookin to spend your money on.
  2. Like everything else, this depends on the individual. I personally care for quality first and then looks, so the designer does matter to me. I gravitate towards YSL largely because the brand is known for its quality, and then I pick what I like from the brand. Usually I can find something I like from YSL but I can imagine doing the same for any other brand that is known for its quality, such as any of the premier designers.
  3. I also look at the brand for quality reasons, as some brands are known to produce bags that fall apart easily or offer lousy customer care. Also repair services is a must for me - if a brand offer repairs I am more easily persuaded to buy. And then there is the country in which it was made: I don't buy bags (or anything else) that is produced in China or the likes, not only for quality reasons (sometimes it doesn't affect the quality), but more because of the way the employees are treated there. And of course there is personal preference: I prefer Mulberry, Prada and Hermes (and I always check inside the bags of the first two brands to see where a perticular item was produced).
  4. kinda both.
    i don't mind buying a nice under 100$ vintage bags because i know they hold quality.
    but i don't wanna pay over 200$ for a bag with a brand i'm not familiar with because i'm not sure about the quality and if i got bored with it, i can't sell it to fund another bag.
    so i prefer a high end bag that holds quality and value
    i'd rather spend 1k on a bag that quality i trust and can "recycle" for another than wasting 1 200$ bag that would be piling on my room and then ended up with 4 more because i got bored which sums for the same 1k anyway
  5. pingtai024 - WE DO NOT ALLOW KNOCKOFFS!
  6. illswagga,

    Funny you ask this question because I was wondering too. What I've learned being on this forum is that the majority of PFers here love LV and Chanel. The remainder love RM and HH. For me, personally, and I speak on behalf of what I clearly see in my neighborhood, I buy what appeals to me regardless of designer. I solely look for quality bags that are beautiful.

    Among some of the bags I own is a Banana Republic bag. The only wearing it is showing now after three years is the color on the straps looks like it is wearing off which is something that can easily be fixed but I am too lazy to care about. After buying YSL, the thing I learned is that sometimes it is not about the quality so much as it is about how one feels about wearing the bag. What I mean by this is one would think or expect when paying double for a high end bag that they would get the assurance of a bag that is two times the quality of a lesser expensive bag. This, I found, is not always true. As Chloehandbags had explained to me in an old post, some of the high end bags are made more delicately and have to be maintained more carefully. After reading that I am much more careful in what I buy! I will be very honest and admit to you that it I do feel differently when I wear my $1500 Gucci hobo bag then when I wear my $200 Banana Republic bag.

    When I purchase a bag I expect that bag to be able to withstand just about anything. i.e., drink spill from a child, sudden torrential downpour, etc. Believe it or not, all of my bags can withstand these things. They are strong leather and dry up without any sign or wear.:biggrin:
  7. both.

    I wouldn't spend the same $2k I spend on a Chanel on an unknown brand/designer.
  8. I'll be honest. I do care about the brand. I just like something that has been tested tried and true for a number of years and I can find more information more easliy. That being said, I don't have to have the bags brand advertised all over my bag.

  9. I agree with this. My bags range from $20 to over 1K and I expect them to serve their purpose which is to hold my items and to last. Brand name or high price does not always mean high quality. Of course now that I want to dip my toes into the 2K range, I fully expect this bag to be both functional, great quality and looks great.

    Pick a bag that you can afford and do your research. There are many brands that make high quality bags.
  10. i buy what i think looks nice. i think it's silly to only like something after you've discovered what brand it's from. that said, the brand is important in a lot of cases in determining the quality of the bag you're buying. i also avoid certain brands because it's just too common.
  11. i was a brand person (LV, Chanel) and then i realise expensive bags does not equal to bags that can be "abuse" and stay looking well for long time. now i venture to mid range (Rebecca Minkoff) and i love that i'm spending lesser on each bag and it still looks good :yes:. brand matters to me as i also consider the possibility of selling the bag down the road when i get tired of the bag

    great post BgaHolic ! i laugh when i read this (sounds like me lol)

  12. I'd say both are important as are quality of workmanship, durability and price -- especially if I'm paying between $1-3K for a handbag.
    My primary loves are Chanel, Prada and Gucci, but I have a vintage AWL D&B that I occasionally wear to ballgames because it stands up to anything. A while back, my mum bought me a black patchwork Coach satchel at an outlet for a song, and I was pleased that it's of better quality than the usual Coach handbags I've seen.
    For a new winter handbag, I finally found a dark purple handbag I liked: a Hayden-Harnett Burke in aubergine. It's a big, beautiful, utilitarian handbag which is great for traveling, because it has a place for everything.
    For a summer bag, I'd been searching for a fun hobo in yellow, but not lemon or mustard or bright canary. I had my heart set on BV, but I didn't like their colours; instead I bought a Hobo International. Yes, it's not a BV, but the colour is perfect, I love the look of the handbag, and for the price, the quality is quite good. Even better, should I wish to part with it, my youngest sister has already said she wants it!

  13. I would say both. I love LV because of the quality, look and rich history.
  14. right but do you think people buy gucci and prada and other hi-end brands for the name alone? cause lets be real cause all those bags look nice. some look pretty crappy too.. or is it a class thing?
  15. I look for style and quality of materials/workmanship. The brand name matters more for me in the sense of brands that I avoid due to overexposure and too much overt nameplate/self advertising on the bag. I have passed up many bags that I really liked due to logos or name plate placement.

    Ultimately, the bag needs to fit my personal style and it has to be really functional for me. I don't care for stuff that is "on trend" at the moment or that I need to buy a whole new outfit to work with it. Therefore I also pass up a lot of bags that I think are really beautiful but style-wise won't pass the test of time for me.

    illswagga The class thing is an interesting question because I think like everything else, everyone can have a different interpretation of it. For some people, a visible brand name or iconic style is really important and for others, lack of branding and being more understated is more important.