Do you care about brand name?

  1. I am able to get some surplus designers dresses, but all the trademarks and labels are cutted by the manufacture/garment campany. I am wondering, do you guys care about if the dress with the label on it or not? How could you feel about a dress without trademarks/label?
  2. It depends on what it is, so for a dress I would't care the label. Besides, who sees the labels in your clothes anyway? Also, the only time I care about brand name is when it comes to the quality of the garment. If the name equates to quality, then okay,but if it is the same quality from an offbrand, I'm very unlikely to buy the item.
  3. I would care and I wouldn't buy an item that originally had a label but had been cut off or into.
  4. i honestly do not care about the brand name, sometimes i cut the tag off because it itches.

    however, i do notice that overall, a certain brand has a quality in the material and a certain cut that makes it more desirable (to me) then other 'not so brand name' brands.

    but that's the whole idea, you get what you paid for.

    i really am a "wear it once, love it, wear it for life" kinda gal so i pick quality and endurance over cheap and chic anyday...even if i find my self in situations that might soil the clothing (clubs)

    it's all about preference, and i have a picky and the 'eye' lol, so i can tell by looking and feeling.

    however, if my favorite brands for some crazy reason decided to keep the design, shape and material same but drop their label and lower the price i'll buy double of everything before they come to their senses!
  5. If the item is of good quality and looks nice on me, I couldn't care less about whether there's a tag inside!
  6. I'm not a label person when it comes to clothes but quality is really important to me and lately the pieces i'm falling in love with, not knowing if designer or not at first happens to be brand label.

    IMO,If you love it and it feels right then who cares if its brand or not.
  7. I try not to focus on the brands too much but it is kind of difficult now after so many years of purchasing designer or brand-name only clothes.....I kind of got used to the quality and fit of these particular brands and I am 'afraid'?? to branch out to *Gasp* no brand name ones! I got nothing against them though, if it looks and feels OK I will get it :yes:
  8. I don't buy things just for the brand name, but I do look for certain brands that I know I like and work for me.
  9. I prefer to stick to certain designers because some designers flatter my body type better than others. Stick with what works.

    I don't mind if I KNOW that the dress/clothing is from a designer, but the label has been cut or removed or marked with a line through it. It's only worn on the inside anyways. For example, I know that some stores will cut the Juicy Couture tags to prevent store returns when they do clearance on the clothing. So that would be fine with me :smile:
  10. The label means nothing to me, it's the quality of the item and how it makes me feel when I wear it that counts!
  11. I wouldn't care about the labels. I would get the dresses anyway if I liked them. Like someone said; no-one is going to see that the labels are missing when you wear the clothes anyway!
  12. Only in the sense that if I know that a particular brand works for me, the main example would be Lee jeans. I know that if I buy a pair in size 8 petite, that I can count on it to shrink down to a perfect 6 petite after a visit to the dryer.

    So if I see Lee jeans at a good price in a store or online, I can buy them without having to try them on, or worrying about whether or not they will fit or how they will look.

    Beyond that, I could care less. I look at fabric and construction, fit and of course, price. I don't even know the brand name of a lot of stuff in my closet.

    If down the road, I find that I am reaching for a particular item very often, then I might look at the brand name so I can search for it and see about getting more of the same thing in another color or two! :smile:
  13. Yes and no... of course first come design and quality, then the "name". Still, I am really loyal to certain brands, so it's difficult for me to cheat on them... I am afraid of wasting money on sub-par clothes.
  14. I'm a label whore. But sometimes the labels irritate my skin, and I have to remove them myself.
  15. no I only care if it looks good or not