Do you call a store you have never been to & ask for a certain bag or is that a no-no

  1. My collection is almost complete for the time being, but I am missing one particular size bag. One of my H stores rarely if ever gets that size bag, and the other doesn't seem to have any when I ask. I've been thinking about calling some other stores, even though I haven't shopped there before. Has anyone ever gotten "lucky" by doing that? (As I type this, I'm sure Japster has a good x-rated answer in mind...:p)
  2. Depends on the bag... What are you looking for? If you wish to share...
  3. I've called various stores and have had bags made available to me. Some stores occasionally add the caveat of "you can place any order over the phone for what you need except for Birkins and Kellys"
  4. Yes, yesterday my SA also said they will not even send photos of birkins or kellly bags via email, either. My store is very strict, your mileage may vary.....
  5. I think it just depends. On the store, on the SA, on the bag. I got a birkin once that way from a store I've never been to or bought from before, though it did take a little begging and pleading on my part, but I was lucky enough to land a sympathetic SA. It can't hurt to ask.
  6. Do you think an HAC counts as a Birkin?
  7. Sure, why not?
  8. I've had SA's say yes, it's included in the "no shipping Birkin" clause, and others say no, they can ship HACs. I live in the Northeast and usually speak to stores in that area where if necessary I can go pick up stuff - NY, Boston mostly.

    Though I've talked to SAs from the Midwest, and they are much more willing to ship/ check other stores inventories etc.
  9. luv2shop - can your SA find one for you from another store? my SA would gladly search a certain item i want, have it ship and sometimes if i'm not sure, they ship it over without any commitment. its not all the time though that they'll be able to find it but i think i good SA can do this for you! good luck!
  10. My SA offered to check for a Lindy when I was shopping this summer, and I told her not to because I wanted her to get the sale! Since I now across the country from that store, can I still ask her to check other stores? (There are no H stores where I live now...)
  11. ^^If they still don't have any Lindys, she'll probably offer to ring around again. But if not, there's nothing wrong with asking her if she can do a search. The worst she might say is that she can't at this time. But given that you've already got a good relationship with her, just asking if it's possible isn't going to do any harm.

    Good luck!
  12. Oops! I wasn't clear...I have since gotten a Lindy thanks to a tPF member who posted it in the what have you seen thread. So I wanted to let my SA know that I found my Lindy, and ask her to do a search for a 32 HAC...
  13. Go for it! Can't hurt to ask.
  14. If you can get a customer referral before you call the store, I believe your success rates would be much higher.
  15. luv2 - I would (and have!) but the stores here are more laid-back, it seems.

    I'd still give it a go, though!