Do you buy your SA gifts?

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  1. I never do but lately my Tiffany SA has been very nice to me. She sent me a jade starfish necklace I liked as well as a large crystal bowl for my parents for XMAS...complete surprise. I'm not sure what's appropriate in these cases, do I give a card and a gift? I am not even sure if Tiffany SA's are allowed to take gifts? Any help/advice would be appreciated, thanks!
  2. I dont, I give them a lot of business and I spend a lot of money in their stores. They get commission based on what I spend there. Therefore they should be spending money to keep your business. I get little gifts from my Chloe SA and a couple of others. On the flip side of that, I'm a Senior Escrow Officer and I have about 200 real estate agents who use me for their escrows. They bring me business and I get a hefty commission based on the escrow fees I pull from each closed escrow. I buy my agents and occasionally my sellers gifts. It could be anything from $5.00 Starbucks gift cards to a Louis Vuitton wallet. My company picks up the tab. Last year I purchased a Louis Vuitton bag for my fave agent for Xmas. (I paid for that one, tax write off). My clients mean a lot to me (not all, some I wish would just go away) and I know my business means alot to my SA's. So bring me presents!
  3. No I don't, but if they bought me gifts, especially extravagant ones like above, then I would feel obliged to.
  4. I have to agree with both people. They make their dough by you buying stuff at their store.

    When you go to a Barber/hair stylist they may give you a calendar at the end of the year. They do this as a sign of appreciation. Since it is the holidays and it is custom to tip them anyway, then it is good to tip them a little extra. Yes you may have earned the calendar or the necklace, but it is still nice to give a little something.

    if the person just gave you this stuff free of charge, then you should definitely give them cash/gift as a thank you... no matter what the rules are.

    if the person was just doing their run of the mill duties by going into the backroom for you. no tip needed. if they surprised with something you didn't order, have to still pay for, they just knew your tastes, and you like it... again no tip needed.

    if the person went out of their way by searching on the computer, calling to confirm availability of said items and then personally delivering them to your home/busineess... then a tip is very nice.

    I knew a guy in the watch business who was personally flown in by a customer to get a particular watch. The free trip with hotel was considered their tip.

    If you just want to be nice and build a relationship, you could give a card.
  5. in other words, it all depends on how they things were gotten for you.

    my guess is they just gave it to you for free. a card with cash would be nice.

    if you buy something, you really have to know their taste.
  6. I do. I'm trying to come up with a list of presents that are relatively inexpensive but will be liked. It's hard because these people work in designer stores are used to luxury and very wealthy clients. I cannot afford to blow a lot of money on their presents ... so if anyone has ideas.... :flowers:
  7. If they are SA's, I think some elegant writing paper with a nice pen would be good. They probably have to write a great number of notes. Crane's stationery is particularly handsome.
  8. yup, a personalized stationery is nice. :smile:
  9. Everyone loves chocolate.
  10. How much do you have to spend at Tiffany's for that???

    Sry, just dying to know.

    As for a gift I like gift certifcates to somewhere like Starbucks or Godiva chocolate (although I think I get too much chocolate this time of year, maybe you could get the Godiva coffee or hot chocolate). Also if there is a nice cafe by the store so that you are effectively buying them lunch. I think while SAs are used to wealthy clients they aren't wealthy themselves so its nice to buy them lunch or their lattes for awhile.
  11. ^ i PMed you.
  12. I spent a fortune at Tiffany one year and all I got was a Christmas card!

    Actually, I really like this thread because I hadn't thought of ever buying a SA a gift... no matter how nice they are. The nicer they are, the more I spend and the more commission they make, so I thought that was the end of it. Now, I'm reconsidering.

    One time, I had a SA in a very high end store give me a couple of small gifts, but I know she just pulled them from stock and did not pay for them herself. I felt I owed her nothing because I spent a lot of money and she was being sweet and saying thank you.

    I have no idea what I could buy a SA... I guess the Starbucks gift certificate is nice, but with my luck she probably doesn't drink coffee.