Do you buy your handbags online or in person?

  1. I never realized until I came here, how many people shop online for bags.

    I have actually never bought a bag off the internet. I love shopping. It's part of the fun for me. I feel like I am on a hunt, I get a nice high off of it.

    What is your preference?
  2. I prefer to buy in person but sometimes I have to buy online because otherwise the bag wouldn't be avaliable to me.
  3. Some folks, like myself, have no choice but to shop online if we want anything high end. The only designer bags I can get in my area are Coach and Dooney. If I want, say, LV I have to either be willing to drive three hour in horrendous traffic or order from Elux.
  4. Some bags have better deals online... overstock, smartbargains, etc. So while I do buy in person, I also buy online a fair amount of the time.
  5. I also have no choice but to shop online, as the brands I have bought (Kooba, Hayden Harnett, Isabella Fiore etc) arent available in the UK.
  6. It doesn't matter to me. I buy bags both ways.
  7. It depends on I can find on sale in the store or online. If I find it, and I like it, I'll buy it (from wherever) and give it a trial run. But I do tend to buy things in the store, especially if I purchase at full price.
  8. I buy both online and in stores. I'm always stalking a sale and try never to but full price (except LV) so wherever I find the best deal is where I buy from.
  9. I would love to buy every one of my bags in person. But like others have said previously, I only have a few select lines available where I live. There's also only one decent consignment shop in my area. I'm always on the hunt for a great bag, so it's online shopping for me!
  10. I've only bought in person until now. I need to see if the quality (stitching and such) is alright. I would hate to have to send something back and wait... I'm lucky to have stores in my city
  11. I like to see and touch the bag and also to be able to easily return it if I change my mind so I almost always buy in person. One time I ordered a bag online from Nordies because I had seen it on a woman and that was the only way I could get it. Since it was from Nordstrom, if I had changed my mind I could have returned it at the store. I did keep it though.
  12. I would only buy online if i had tried something on IRL. Colours, size, everything changes on screen. So, for me, always In Person.
  13. I have bought both online as well as in person. Here in Finland the variety of designer bags is rather limited. Therefore, I either have to buy online or during my trips abroad.

    The online stores that I have tried are net-a-porter, luisaviaroma, and mulberry.
  14. Wow, I never stopped to think that some places don't have certain stores. We have everything here (trust me, it's bitter sweet-all it leads to is more temptation lol).

    If I couldn't find something in NJ, I know I could probably get it in person in NYC or Philly. But I have always found everything in state we have one mall inparticular that actually caters to only having high end stores. I bought a bag in Vegas once, they had the bag here, I was just on vacation which made me feel less guility about splurging.
  15. Always online! Better deals, then I get a "present" in the mail!