Do you buy used Chanel?

  1. If so, where do you buy it from? Just curious since I just did with my Ms Tweed from a consignment store = )
  2. I do on eBay and from consignment. It helps save money!
  3. Absolutely! I buy both retail and resell. I buy from consignment (we have a great one here) and on eBay. Since I discovered the world of resell, I can have anything I want!!!! And I resell them too, when I get tired of them (although I rarely resell Chanel).
  4. I live in Cali. Anyone have any consignment stores in the Bay area or So Cal they know of?
  5. For my budget and high original price, I really want to buy used Chanel. But after reading many horror stories of fake bags, I stay away from eBay and consignment stores. Many fake bags look so real. It's scary.
  6. I have purchased Chanel (bags, wallet, shoes, nail polish, jewelry) at the Boutique, NM and on ebay - all Authentic, in great condition AND mostly around 1/2 off retail