Do you buy tokidoki's on sale or do you buy them at regular price?

  1. So do you buy most of your bags on sale or at regular price? (not just tokidoki) Also, if you have this ok so-so favorite bag, do you still buy it at regular price?

    I am just wondering because alot of people get their bags from the outlet and that i love the older prints such as inferno than the newer prints. Most recently i bought a tranporto zucca but i am starting to regret because i really love the older prints. The reason behind why i can't go to outlets is because i'm only 16 and my dad won't drive me and my mom to the outlets like woodbury commons in ny. So another question is: Should i keep my zucca transporto at regular price or go to outlets near me and get it in my favorite older prints at sale price? Are there any more older prints of Zucca's left in any outlets near NYC?
  2. I got a lot of my bags at a discount, and have only purchased one or two at or above retail. :smile:

    I would only pay retail or higher if I really love it.. My most expensive purchase was a L'Amore Zucca at 188.15 (incl. shipping) and I don't think I could find one cheaper than that.

    The NYC outlets are pretty much out of the older prints, due to the Labor Day sale. I got a Paradiso Dolce and an Inferno Bella from them when I first started liking Tokidoki.. but that was months ago.

    The older Zuccas are definitely harder to find, and I highly doubt you can get them at a discount. I found my Paradiso at another forum, but it was only by chance.
  3. I think I've paid retail for the most of my bags. I can only think of one bag that I got a good deal on.
  4. I have paid all sale prices for my tokidoki bags. but as for other designers (such as B and LV bags) i would pay retail.
  5. There aren't many options to buy Toki in the Chicago area and therefore I don't have access to sales. And I got into Toki late so I missed most of the patterns in stores. I bought 2 at the Seattle outlet coming home from vacation. I've won a few at below retail on eBay. But I've paid more than retail for most of my Tokis for great placement and/or older prints.
  6. well if you really want - you can call the lesportsac outlets and see if they have any of the infernos left before deciding if you want to keep your bag or not.... they do phone orders, so maybe you can ask your mom to help you out with that
    Woodbury isn't the only lesportsac outlet why don't you try South Hampton or Seattle as well? If you happen to find one at the outlets, they are 40%
    off so its worth a try.

    I actually got most of my bags at the outlets and eBay. I can't bear to buy them at retail - well except for the 2 Vacanze bags I bought last week that was at full retail haha - even at I got them where there is a coupon code...
  7. but just for your information - the only print they have in the Zucca is the Adios Star at the Lesportsac outlets - I know that for sure.
  8. being very new to tokidoki, i got my first toki at retail in a LSS store because i thought they didn't go on sale anywhere. and then i found out about macy's savings passes and their insane sales and the LSS outlets thru the kind people on this forum and haven't paid retail since! :yahoo:
  9. I bought almost all of my bags at Hawaii retail... sad.
  10. I got into Toki's late... so as a result i paid under retail for most of my bags :biggrin: they were either on eBay for less, on LJ, macys or SH.

    i've only paid over retail 1x and that was for my Inferno Zucca... overall cost me about $275-ish but I really really wanted one :3
  11. that makes me sad... because i've been into toki since the beginning... but a lot of places aren't allowed to ship to hawaii. so i'm stuck paying regular price

  12. thanks! :smile:
  13. bummer.. but i guess LSS is trying to do you guys a favor now by giving you guys the good styles (caramella, mamma mia) and leaving US out. ;)
  14. I usually get mine on sale...the most I paid was for my Vacanze Zucca...which was regular least free shipping and no tax at least...that's some sort of deal for me. Everything else was from the outlets or with a coupon.
  15. i'm kinda crazy and i've paid over retail for some of my bags on ebay...but those bags were from the earlier prints and had perfect placement imo.