Do you buy things and not use it ??!

  1. I have this problem of buying A LOT of things but doesn't use it at all!!
    I have a lot of new clothes,bags but i just keep buying and buying.. and worst of all i only wear the same few clothes everytime.!!

    Anyone has the problem as me?! How to stop myself from doing this?!!
    HELP!!!! :crybaby:
  2. I would go through your closet & take inventory so the next time you go shopping you know not to buy another black sweater since you already own a few. I would also see if the tags are still attached to your clothing & return the itmes back to the store, a lot of stores don't have a time limit on returns. It might be awkward to return something that you bought 4 months ago but it is worst to have that item just sit in your closet unworn.
  3. I do it all the time -- but ultimately do use them. It just takes a while sometimes.
  4. Guilty as charged :shame:

    I don't think there's any cure for this.

    Or at least my Mom, my sis (whom I share a bursting wardrobe with), and the BF doesn't think so :P
  5. Lulilu- I'm the same way. I'll buy intending of course to use it & never do. LOL I bought a Kitchenaide mixer about 9 months ago & haven't used it yet it's a nice decoration though. I'll use it eventually.
  6. I do that too; but mostly clothes. If I check my closet now, I can probably find at least 5 tops/pants with the price tag still attached...
  7. me too.
  8. i bought a dSLR, but have only used it couple times.

    i bought a pair of shoes - wore it only few times. i guess what im trying to say is, me too. :lol:
  9. I do that all the time! I have shoes that are still brand new in the box, clothes in my closet with tags still attached...

    I can't bring my stuff back, because it's been so many months since I've bought them, & our stores here have a time limit for refunds/exchanges.
  10. Yes, and I am the worst at returning stuff too! I buy lots of stuff I don't use that I just give it away or sometimes so lazy I throw good stuff out! Which is why people love trash-pickin' in Brimigham, MI - that is!
  11. yes, that is one of my big problems.. i just tell myself whenever i go to the store.. hmm.. let me double check first if i have that at home.. hehe... so at times, i can go to the mall and come home empty-handed.... and now, i am beginning to be oki with that...
  12. I know I have a tendency to do this when I see stuff on clearance so I limit myself. I purchased clothes for the first time in a year last week. I still have some that I've never used and I keep using the same stuff again but I lay the old stuff and put them away to donate so I can break into the new stuff.
  13. Wow! A year's hiatus on clothes shopping is impressive, Kathy! I need to go on one of these.
  14. I do this a lot, too. I do end up using the stuff just like a long time after I buy it lol
  15. not really. i make sure what i buy is what img oing to use!

    or else ill just return it..but hardly any case of things just being not used sitting there! :OP