Do you buy suede?

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  1. Everytime I buy a suede purse I check the weather. Luckily I live in AZ so our weather is usually sunny. I am afraid of suede protector as it damaged a pair of shoes I used it on once. Do you buy suede of not? Oh boy I hope I spelled suede correctly if not sorry.
  2. I bought a bag that had suede accents which I loved for about three weeks until it started getting dirty. Suede shows wear very easily and picks up alot of dirt. There are ways to clean it but it is high maitenance. Since then I tried to avoid it because I would be afraid of getting it dirty!
  3. nopeee...too high maintenance.
  4. I love suede- it is high maintenance though. I try to avoid it because where I live, it rains kind of randomly so it's hard to plan when to use it accordingly, and I wouldn't want to risk ruining it.

    I do have a few pairs of suede shoes though. I always spray them with that protectant stuff, and it works really well!
  5. I try to refrain from buying ruins too easily in my experience
  6. I only buy inexpensive purses in suede so I don't get upset when they get worn. :yes:
  7. I love suede bags but they do require some attention. I regularly brush my suede shoes and bags and jackets so perhaps I am just used to them. I found that more expensive/higher quality suede is much easier to maintain and shows wear much less. It is also less likely to get stained from the occasional raindrop.
  8. I live in Seattle so there isn't much suede here. I love the look though. Especially with patent accents.
  9. Suede would be death in this environment. Lots of showers, snow, melting, cold etc etc.
  10. I have a pink suede purse that I love but do not get to wear too much due to the sporadic weather in my area. I do try to avoid buying suede now because it is too high maintenance for me.
  11. Not me. Too difficult for me.
  12. No, never suede! I have a Coach mini skinny coin purse attached to my keys and it has a little lining of suede on the outside. It's been 3 years and it's soooo dirty and rough feeling. It's really a lost cause. I'll never buy suede again!
  13. I live in California but I never buy suede because it is way too hard to keep looking nice. It shows scuffs and dirt too easily.
  14. I don't buy suede, but it's because I don't like the feel of it. Weird, I know.
  15. I don't. I have an inexpensive suede bag that I like, but mostly I dont think it looks good and it's so high maintenance