do you buy smaller?

  1. so tonight at work i found a pair of jeans that were sold out in like, 2 weeks.
    this pair was found tucked into a back corner of the stockroom; they fell behind a shelf.
    these jeans were GORGEOUS and i'd wanted them since they came out, but couldn't justify it.
    well now that they were on sale for $29.95, i decided to go for it.
    problem is, these jeans are a 5 [2 years ago size, yikes!] whereas i now wear a 7.
    they fit and buttoned and zipped, but i had some major muffin-top.
    well, i bought them in hopes of really cute jeans will motivate me to keep to my diet.
    has anyone else done this? has it helped? thanks. :sweatdrop:
  2. does it all the time..
    got closet full of jeans- that i need to loose a few more pounds to fit
    story of my long drama with muffin top
  3. I've done it and it actually worked. BTW I'm still in the skinny jeans but now want to buy another size down. ;)
  4. I've never done that but one time I went jeans shopping and realized i didnt fit into my regular size 5, OMG!!! :cursing::hysteric: I was mad, I told myself "well, maybe the jeans are coming smaller, they fit different it is my size you know and my old jeans have strech out" , lol. excuses. I decided NOT TO BUY anything and started going to the gym and diet.
    I wear now a size 3 and I am proud of myself:happydance:. I dont go to the gym very often now but I keep eating healthy everyday.
  5. Totally, have 4 pairs of brand new designer jeans sitting in my closet in hopes of fitting into them.
  6. I do it ALL the time! I felt stupid when I had a bunch of too small pants in my closet, but now that I lost the weight, it's like a complete new, free wardrobe!
  7. yeah, only I used to do it online. Took about 2 weeks for the jeans to arrive, and by then, they'd fit! ;)
  8. I've done it a few times before. I almoooost kept a pare of Seven For All Mankind that didn't fit the other day. Then I felt bad & ended up returning them.
  9. sometimes :smile:
  10. I bought a really tight-fitting jean dress in the hopes that it will motivate me. I try it on every day to see if the buttons don't look like they're about to pop anymore. We'll see if it helps.
  11. who doesnt?!
  12. if they're droolworthy jeans, I think it can be a great motivator :flowers:
  13. I used to in my college days, but not anymore. I would always end up getting frustrated, anxious, and obsessed with fitting into them. It never ended well. So now I'm chill about it and much happier, only buying things I can wear and look good in now and not for some future that may never come.
  14. I bought smaller after both my pregnancies. I bought pre-baby sizes thinking that all those cute clothes would be the best incentive for me to get back in shape.
  15. Absolutely! I've even done it the other way too! Purchased an item of clothing that was a couple sizes too big because it was the only one left and I just had to have it. I told myself that I could wash it in really hot water and dry in a really hot dryer and it would shrink.