Do you buy or run for the hills?

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  1. I have noticed several handbag websites have policies that say either no returns, returns for credit only, or at the discretion of the seller. Would you purchase from here or choose another site with a different policy. To be honest I never had a clue you couldn't return something before I joined this forum. Now I always check. What do you think?
  2. I always check the policy, just in case I'm not completely in love with my purchase.
  3. I always check the returns policy. If I can't return for money back, I won't buy (unless it's something I am absolutely sure about - like a Hayden-Harnett I've had my eye on that I get for a good sale price, but that's rare for me).
  4. run for the hills... there are toooo many websites with beautiful handbags that have a fair return policy... to chance it with one that does not... JMO...
  5. Im not down with those kinds of policies anymore. I recently bought something that I wanted to return, and the online boutique I bought it from has this zero-return policy. Even after arguing with them, they still didn't budge, and at that point, I pretty much decided I will take my business elsewhere, KWIM?
  6. Stores should realize that buying something online is a big leap of faith for the buyer as they're not able to try things on, or look over the merchandise first. Those without a good return policy are simply not providing good service, and I would gladly take my business elsewhere.
  7. I always look for a good return policy and customer service. That's why I like Zappos, Amazon, and Nordstrom's. If there's a problem with the bag I'm not going to worry about getting my money back.

    For that reason I avoid buying pricey bags on eBay. And any shopping web sites without good return policies. I even avoid ones about which people on TPF have reported problems returning bags. Just don't need the hassle.
  8. I always like to be backed up with a good return policy even though I am not one to buy something without being completely sure about it.
  9. I definitely check the return policy before I place an order. Even if it's something I know I want, I'm only willing to take that kind of risk (no return) on very few bags (the ones I'm really obsessed with).
  10. I have only bought once from a site with "no returns". I'm still waiting for the delivery, so I'll see how ticked off I get!
  11. In Germany there is a law that anything that was bought online or from a catalogue must be allowed to be returned, so we don't have that kind of problem here. That means I don't buy anything from shops outside Germany that do not offer returns!
  12. I would never buy an expensive item, especially one I had not yet seen in person, at a store that had a no-return/exchange policy. I agree that there are way too many stores that you can give your business to that have reasonable return policies.
  13. NEVER NEVER EVER buy anything online that cannot be returned. That's just not a fair policy - you can get stuck with cr---
  14. i always check the return policy...especially if i am buying something very pricey, who wants to get stuck with a dud?? i recently however, did not check the policy and ended up with 2 gryson bags that just sit in my closet; they were on sale and there are no returns for gryson bags that are on sale...
  15. No returns=no buying for me. I would be mad if I received a defective product and wasn't able to at least exchange it for another one.