Do you buy more than one kind of bbag?

  1. lizz's post of her beautiful "tale of 7 cities" got me to most of you buy only one type of bbag (i.e city, twiggy) or do you have a wide variety in the closet? :p Please post pics!
  2. Well, I have learned thru trial and error, that I am City Girl :yes:
  3. I have a First - ordered a Twiggy, but she went back & now I have a City come my way. I'm hoping the City will be a winner, but who knows? :shrugs: If she's not then I'll be sticking with the First :yes:
  4. Yes, i have more than jus one style of bbag, i have first, city, twiggy and WE except that i'm now searching for a work bbag....hehehehe
  5. I have a variety of bbags - first, twiggy, city, work, and matelasse. Twiggy and matelasse are my favs, followed by city w/gh. Firsts and work don't get much use, they will be the first to be sold to fund purchases of additional twiggy (violet!) and/or city (plomb w/silver gh!) bags.
  6. Yeah, I do.

    Right now, I have:

    LV Damier Azur Noe
    LV Damier Geant Earth Messenger Bag
    Bal.Regular Courrier in Rouille
    LeSportsac Fafiness print tote
    Hayden Harnett Havana Hobo in Moss
    Hayden Harnett MOSA hobo in black
    Fendi baby spy in chocolate
    Fendi Fortuny leather hobo
    Hermes Picotin PM in Olive Togo leather coming soon...

    I get moody. !

    But for what it's worth, if I like a bag and I can afford it at the time, I buy it.
  7. I have a pretty wide variety. I'd say my part times are my favorites.
  8. I like variety but once I get the styles I want then I will get different colors in the styles I LOVE!
  9. At first I was only into the Day. Now I have expanded my horizons to include a work, two Purses and a GH Hobo(thanks to looking around this forum). I love them all.:love:
  10. right now i only have three different styles... hoping to add 2 more...
    Group shot.jpg
  11. With so many great styles, I can't stick to just one. ;) So far I have only two -- a city and mini-bowling. Next on my list: a first.
  12. A current faves are the Day and the Part Time, but I also have a brief, a twiggy, and a bowling bag. I think I'm going to thin the stash and just get my favorite two in more colors though - I love them sooo much! :yes:
  13. i dont have any now but i want a work a city and a purse hopefully but then middle of 2008 !
  14. I'm really trying to branch out into other styles after being such a "weekday = City and weekend = first" girl. Now with my Work i can't imagine how I fit everything into a City. I'd like to try a Twiggy but am really hesitant about the shape- I think it might have to be '05 or previous for the right look for me. And I would eventually like to add a Brief in GH. Otherwise...I think I've experimented enough to know what looks good and what doesn't! like the LV Speedy 25 is one the best bags ever for my body shape and style. I wish Balenciaga made something similar to that size and shape.
  15. If I could have a whole heap of Bbags, I would have a bunch of Work's!