Do you buy matching purses for your bags?

  1. Does anyone here buy the purse that matches their bag?
    I've looked at a few Mulberry purses and realize that I could probably buy another bag for the same price!!
    Would it be OTT to have a complete matching set??
    Any thoughts??
  2. I don't have a Mulberry wallet yet :o As you say, you could get a bag from the outlet for the same price as a wallet! They don't seem to get reduced as much.

    I've got a dark red Marc Jacobs wallet which matches a dark red MJ bag that I've got. I don't think it's OTT when I use them together - although I don't use the bag very often. Someone posted a pic of their matching set on the "Show us your Emmy" thread and it looked really nice. That said, I've never really worried about whether my wallet does or doesn't match the bag I'm using; I use the same wallet all the time but I switch bags quite often.

    Regarding Mulberry wallets, I find the small wallets a bit too small for my needs but the large wallets don't fit into the internal pockets on the Mulberry bags. As a few of my bags are open at the top, I need to be able to zip my wallet away.

    Looks wise, I really like the Smithfield wallets in claret, the Damson Small Wallet and I am totally lusting over the purple patent Mabel wallet and am considering buying this as a clutch bag (not that I even have use for a clutch bag but it's just so pretty!) If I did get a Mulberry wallet, I doubt I would get one to match any of the bags I have but that's because I quite like bright coloured wallets.
  3. No that's what I thought, I might just look for a plain black wallet which is rather more versatile??
  4. I think in the case of a colour like oak, a matching wallet really does look nice although I don't think it matters whether the series of the bag and wallet match. I also agree that the prices of some of the wallets seem a bit high. Luckily I managed to get an oak roxanne wallet in the sale and use it with all my mulberry bags. The only one that doesn't really match is the ginger euston, but I'm really not that fussed.
  5. No i don't try to match. I love bags but don't want to spend £££ on a wallet!
  6. I have a couple of mulberry wallets that match however most of mulberry bags are black darwin so I thought it was an investment!

    In saying that they can be steep and you don't get much choice in the outlet (if any - it all seems to be congo wallets in York) and therefore I would be tempted to save my money for a bag!:yes:
  7. I wanted to get the matching purse to my chocolate Roxanne,my husband,Andy was all for it,yey! Until that is we got into the Mulberry shop and then he started taking the mickey out of me by saying it would be a bit of a 'Russian Doll' look!!!! He did'nt mean it horribly,and we do have a relationship were we frequently have a banter and take the piss out of each other.He then proceeded to take said purse to the till,but after that and knowing I would endlessly ribbed by him,I did'nt want it! He then redeemed himself by saying that he had seen a purse he thought I would love,did I want to go and have a look?He came up trumps by showing me a gorgeous Paul Smith purse and said rather than having one purse that only one bag,this would go with everything,no annoying change overs,and it was quite a stylish statement of its own!! Sold!!!!!! Clever boy,saved himself a fortune in several matching purses and loads of earache from me every tiME
  8. Ooops got cut off!? I had to switch over,and the Paul Smith purse is lovely and distinictive!
  9. I thought I shopuld post you a pic of it,you can see from the colors that it does'nt actually match very much,but I think its so lovely as a 'stand-alone' kind of design it does sort of go,in the fact its a luxe brand and there are shades of brown, pink, cream, green,red,blue that in a quirky kind of way it would go with loads! Does that make sense? Or am I just blinded by the fact I love it??!!
  10. Sorry!! I'm very rubbish at this!!!
    my collection of stuff!!!! 025.JPG
  11. Love your Paul Smith wallet, Chaz!

    I have matching wallets for my 2 bayswaters, both rather large, and I use them as clutches at work, when leaving the bag at my desk (for lunch etc). They are big enough to hold my cellphone & keys, as well as cards & money. When I bought my black bayswater, I also got the matching wallet since I needed a bigger wallet for the bayswater. I found that my small wallet got lost in the bag. And I actually bought my tooled wallet before I got the bag, just because I found it sooo cute. That said, I don't necessarily get matching wallets for all my bags - those two are the ones I use most of the time.