Do you buy make up on Ebay????

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  1. I don't buy a whole lot of make up on ebay because there's no way for me to tell if it's real or not. But every now and then when I find a bargain, I buy them. So the other day I bought a bottle of Chanel Teint Naturel Liquid Makeup. It is a tester bottle but it is describe as brand new, 100% full. Today when I receive the bottle, there was only a little more than half in there. WTH?????? :rant: The pump was brand new, But I'm sure she took out the pump and put the other half to another bottle and sell it as another full bottle. I emailed the seller and she said "It is brand new, 100% full" but I'll send you the other 1/4 of that bottle for free. I'm happy that she's willing to send the rest to me. But I'm scare she'll put stuff in there that'll ruin my skin for complaining. What do you guys suggest? Have anyone have any experiences buying make up on ebay?
  2. I thought about it for a second, then decided against makeup on ebay...i don't trust the fact that it might be expired. Especially mascara since it is only good for about 3 months before the bacteria takes over.
  3. I'd leave her a negative for that. She blatantly lied. Hopefully she comes through and doesn't tamper with your stuff.

    I have bought makeup but only NIB eyeshadows, lipglosses and blush.
  4. Hmm, I'm sorry for your experience, txngo.

    For me, I never buy makeup on eBay. Stuff that doesn't touch the body is ok, but for items like skincare, etc. I always buy from the store.
  5. Lesson learned.
  6. Ew. No way. The face is too precious to play around with things like that. Never buy make up on ebay again.
  7. I have a different angle - I bought a french product "Claudalie lifting serum" which sells for $78 for $35 on ebay - It came in all original packaging and it works beautifully - gives me a chance to test it before I spring for full price - now, if I contunue to like it, I'll buy a ton of it when I go to Paris in October.
  8. I have bought a lot of makeup on ebay but I read every word of the auctions and check the feedback-I wanted to try Bare Escentuals out before paying retail and I ended up with product that was supposedly spooned out of the full jars and placed in little turned out there are a lot of sellers who do that with the BE line, also a lot seem to get their hands on testers as well and they resell them too. I just bought a Chanel eyeshadow tester that was sealed and packaged correctly-plain box with serial #'s and name of color and the eyeshadow itself was wrapped in Chanel tissue have to be careful but there are some great make up skin care and fragrnance deals on ebay!
  9. I only buy NIB items like eyeshadows and lip glosses. And I tend to buy from the same seller(s).
  10. I would never buy make-up or skincare from ebay. There are way too many freaks out there and as spiralsnowman said, it's your skin, your face!

    I would definitely leave a bad feedback for that purchase. It's somewhat mortifying the nerve of that person!
  11. goodness no.
  12. No way. Ew what if they used it first and you couldn't tell but then they sold it, or it its old, or fake, or has creepy extra ingrediants. Ok I'm grossing myself out...

    Sephora is great with samples as are alot of other places - I go there if I want to try something out.
  13. Well...what a dilema...

    My aunt sells Avon and she's totally obsessive compulsive about buying it for herself too. So I've convinced her to start selling her extra inventory on Ebay. I hope people will buy it because she is drowning in Avon products!

    All the items are going to be brand new and never been original packaging. I guess those are some important things to note (I'm going to be helping her writing descriptions and policies).

    Having said all that...I doubt I'd actually purchase make up from EBay. I don't wear a ton and I really like to see things in person first. There are some things (like Arbonne) which I will purchase online but I pretty much know what I'm getting and it's from THEIR website, not ebay.

    Very interesting discussion though...I definitely am curious how my aunt will do with her stuff. It's not all skin stuff...she has jewelry, toys, books...jeez...good thing she has a good basement! :smile:
  14. No-- I like to see what I'm buying first. I would be to afraid that it's been used...
  15. If it's new and still in original packaging, then sure.
    I want to try mineral makeup (jane iredale, etc), and can't find many retailers locally so getting color samples through ebay seems simple and easy enough.