Do You Buy Magazines Every Week When It'd Be Cheaper to Subcribe?

  1. I just wondered how many of you pick up various magazines every week at the grocery store like Star Magazine, OK, Life & Style, US or one of the better beauty Mags like Glamour, Vouge, Elle, etc, every time you are in there and you pay about $3.50 for these when it's SO much cheaper to go ahead and subscribe? Do you find that you buy these every week or do you do it every now and then?
    I will admit I love that tabloid junk because you can see a lot of what the celebs are wearing (handbags included :yes: ), and this is also good bathroom reading material. Who else does this or am I the only weirdo?

    Just last week I sat down and sent in like five subscriptions to the various mags because I've gotta save some of my money to buy a few more handbags.
  2. So true that is why i subscribe to all my fav magazine as for the gossip mag's Star.... US Weekly I dont read them as much with so many celeb blogs not to mention the PF Celeb section which keeps me more in the loop on a daily basis rather than a weekly read......

    by the way I love your wish list
  3. I definitely a lot of magazines:yahoo: I don't read the tabloids anymore because, like you said...there are a lot of ceebrity blogs. I always choose the longest line at the grocery store and peruse them there, if I feel the need.
  4. I subscribe -- otherwise I'm just throwing away perfectly good money!

    When I lived in California, I used to get issues waaay in advance in my mailbox. At my address here in Chicago, I seem to get issues very slowly. I make it halfway through the month THEN get that month's issue. It's very annoying.
  5. I like to read them at the library. :yes:
  6. Ever since I had a baby I have subscribed to the usual suspects of the parenting genre - how times have changed!!! LOL!
    As for the others the only reason I don't is because I seem to buy something different every month.
  7. I just subscribe.. I hate spending about $4 on a magazine when I can go onto eBay and subscribe to that same magazine for about $10 or so more and get at least a 1 year subscription
  8. i subscribe

    but i find it horrible that my harper's bazaar has not arrived yet! takes forever, as well as elle and vogue.

    i see it everyday as i pass border's newstand and it's like, uh, why not just get it now?

    i have no patience i guess.

    and i also get british, aussie and japanese magazines..i don't buy it monthly, maybe bimonthly, so i don't subscribe
  9. i subscribe through my schooland i get lotsa discounts. i got 2 years of a magazine for 15 dollars...
  10. i used to buy them every now and then but now i just subscribe because its so much cheaper
  11. I do that. I keep forgetting to fill out the subscription card. The only magazine I buy on a regular basis is Vogue, which is $4/5 per issue, and I have a card that will get me a year's subscription for $12! Someday I will remember...
  12. I am very guilty of this....every time I buy one, I think way don't I just subscribe, but I never
  13. I'm so guilty of this. I just got sick of US weekly. I hate that they never come to me on time or they get lost. I tell DH that I buy the mags because I'm trying to replace US weekly. :p
  14. I am subscribed to like every freakin magazine...that is my 2nd obsession, handbags and magazines. If I get really impatient I will just buy a copy at the grocery store and just give my little sister the one from the mail..
  15. i used to subscribe to several magazines... but i haven't renewed any. i flip through most of them, and then they're left in a pile... after awhile, i'd have to recycle them all before that pile gets out of hand.

    my cousin ALWAYS buys gossip magazines like US weekly almost every week... such a waste of money. i think i'll buy her a subscription for her upcoming b-day or something, just so she won't waste her money