Do you buy LV Vernis with marks on ??

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  1. I know there has been recent conversations that you cannot get ink of vernis.


    Do pen marks stop you from getting a good deal on ebay - can you only carry an LV that is in superb condition or do you not mind a few ink marks on show??
  2. Well, I'd certainly be less paranoid about putting a mark on my bag if there was already an ink mark or imperfection on it. :smile: Especially if that ink mark brought the piece down a few hundred
  3. I've been looking for a Vernis houston on eBay, and I'll admit that I am looking for one in good condition, with no big, visible pen marks on the exterior. If there were a couple of marks on the interior, I wouldn't mind so much. The hard part is deciding what color!
  4. I've seen some vernis on eBay for good prices but couldn't bring myself to buy them with marks on them.

    I saw a bag in the light pink color before that was pretty but it had a discolored spot right on the front.
  5. I think there are too many marks. I'd rather pay a little more and get one in better condition.
  6. I think thats a good price b/c its like half off retail and the vachetta strap looks like brand new and the fuschia color is very popular.

    Let-Trade is a great seller and ships really fast, I bought my cerises speedy from them.

    A lot of times in photos the flaws look really obvious, but when you get the item in your hands they are not as noticeable.

    My cerises speedy was used and had several things wrong w/it in the description but when it arrived it looked brand new just b/c you are looking at the whole bag and not close up/zoomed in photos. Hope that makes sense.
  7. Wouldn't do it for me as the marks are very visible. Not even as a present. In the inside i wouldn't mind that much but here...
  8. those 2 spots would really bother me, but you can always carry that side facing in.
  9. I was going to say that! if the other side is clean from marks, I would go for it.

    I bought a vernis ludlow from ebay and the pictures made the color transfer look a lot worse than in person. with vernis, if the price is a lot lower, I go ahead and take a look because if it's something you can hide or small enough to live with, I say go for it!
  10. I bought a vernis peice from let-trade, but the pen marks were only 2 on one side and no color rubbing. That fushia is too much, esp at that price.

    I told myself, if I really hated it I could always switch and show the other side. I kind of reasoned with myself and thought... knowing clumsy me I'd probably have made those pen marks, too. :smile:
  11. i have a pen mark on a baby green vernis of mine and im dying to know how to get it out.. everytime i think about it i get upset
  12. This is again personal preferance. Personally no matter how much a bag is unless the ink is inside its a no go for me.
  13. I wouldnt really want one with marks on it, I like bags perfect...or almost :biggrin: If it doesnt bother you, go for it!
  14. Ditto. I prefer one that doesn't have marks on it (unless it's like a pin drop). But if you don't mind and like it, go for it!