Do you buy LV only because you can't afford Hermes?


Nov 25, 2007
Many posters on this forum say "someday a Birkin". Do you look upon LV as being ONE STEP DOWN from Hermes, in quality etc.



May 11, 2007
I personally LVoe Louis Vuitton . Not only for the quality but for the amazing, classic, timeless style .

But to be honest, I tend to buy LV simply because Hermes i too expensive for me as a student. I once bought a hermes cardholder/wallet, which had the size as a LV-cles. I paid 4-5 times as much for the Hermes, which I ended up selling because I couldn't afford having the Hermes (.. hope you know what I mean by that)

To me, there is no doubt that Hermes' quality is JUST (if not even more) top-quality . But you sure pay for it.

So yeah, guess I use LV as a replacement. But when I some day get the lovely Birkin, I have no intention on leaving LV for good..


Jan 5, 2007
Across a pond
No, not at all. THat would be very stupid IMO.

They are two very different (well, not so different maybe, both french, raising prices, luxury good, trying to retain tradition while making a profit etc) companies in terms of style and visual impression and prices.

I've also noticed those comments, and I don't understand the reasoning behind them. Some of those who post them have a purse collection of the value of more than one birkin, kelly and other styles, so if they really wanted one, they should've gotten it.
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Sep 25, 2007
Hmm... I think LV is a definitely a step down from Hermes in term of quality of materials/craftsmanship etc. But I don't buy LV only because I can't afford Hermes. I prefer LV's designs especially their really colourful things like RP/Murakami over Hermes' leather.

Also LV just has a bigger variety I think, compared to Hermes. At least from their website it seems that way, it looks like Hermes doesn't have a very big selection of items or many different designs. So partly their website has something to do with it! <-- I don't know much about Hermes' bags (apart from Birkin/Kelly) because they aren't on the website so if they can't be bothered to show me them I certainly can't be bothered to look for pics of them lol (and therefore won't lust over them).

Hermes is a bit too old for me and I just think LV is funkier and fresher. Also price does have something to do with it I guess, because for the price of a Birkin I could get a lot of LV that I really really want or even an MC Alzer, which I'd love :love:


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Sep 20, 2006
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It's probably just a psychological barrier. Why get one bag when you can get 3 very good bags for that same amount of money (but a totally different style and LE too). And the same old Hermes style will always be around :P
I'd like a Kelly myself, but it's not on my must get list, just cos it's there waiting.


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Aug 27, 2007
No-- I don't think I could ever afford a Birkin, much less be in the right "social circle" to know how to order one. Most people can't afford LVs so I feel pretty lucky!


I certainly do not buy Louis Vuitton because I can't afford Hermès. I buy Louis Vuitton because I like many of its products and I would not buy Hermès even if I could afford it.


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Nov 1, 2007
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No - me personally I don't like the Birkin. Maybe the Kelly, but that's also not an option for me because you can't wear it over your shoulder and I don't like pure "hand"-bags (always carry to much stuff around with me and the bag gets really really heavy). I like LV and Marc Jacobs.


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Sep 23, 2006
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No-- I don't think I could ever afford a Birkin, much less be in the right "social circle" to know how to order one. Most people can't afford LVs so I feel pretty lucky!
You're in the social circle ! that what tPF is !!!! :yes:

I love all the Hermes and LV in my collection, I think they're both fab! :heart: