Do you buy if ....

  1. I saw a black Kelly bag at NM I am really interested to buy but the quilting not line up when the flap closes. I check quilting on those new classic flap bags from personalshoppers listings. They don't line up either but those bags were gone fast. Do you care if quilting not line up?
  2. i do care, i think it's b/c it's been pounded into us that non-aligned quilting may be sign of a fake. Also, when I spend so much on a bag, I expect the craftsmanship and care to be top-notch. Lining up the quilting seems to be the least Chanel can do!
  3. i dont care! if i realli love the bag i will just get it! if u know its authentic then its authentic!!
  4. it doesn't really bother me either, unless it makes the bag look fake.

    oh, and if the triangles are not exactly halfed above the turnlock closure, i won't buy.

    I guess I am a little ocd about it after all.... hehe
  5. I remember the bag looks beautiful on the shelf and I can only see quilting not right when I look at it closely. I asked SA why it's not line up. She told me Chanel can't keep up with the quality they used to be because they make a lot more bags than before. People just buy it if it looks like bag in fashion magazine. They don't know Chanel quality.

    If the bag is really ugly fake then I know it's fake. Otherwise, fake and low quality real Chanel bag are just the same. I guess I pass this one.
  6. I absolutely totally care if it lines up. I think it is a poor excuse to compromise quality for quantity & I am surprised a SA would say that. With the amount of money we pay for Chanel bags it should line up correctly. I would personally search around for the same bag. I am sure you can find one that lines up.
  7. I wouldn't care but thats just me.... they're bigger problems a bag could have
  8. I agree. But for Chanel, quilting line up is a big deal. If you read authenticate this thread, the girls here check this thing religiously.
  9. I think for the price your paying it shoul be perfect.
  10. Part of the reason I buy Chanel is for quality. If the quality in any way is compromised, I don't buy it...
  11. Nope, for the money I would expect high standards.
  12. I think the quilting should line up too. If the purse, was in any way off, I would wait and buy something else. For these hefty prices, they should be almost perfect.

  13. I just bought the Kelly bag in lambskin and my quilting lines up. Perhaps you should see if they have another in stock?
  14. If we pay good money for Chanel handbags, then they should give us the quality bags we deserve. Some chanel handbags go up past two thousand dollars. Some people I know don't have very high paying jobs, and we work hard to get the money for Chanel handbags. I think out of customer care, they should at least line the quilting up.