Do you buy Gucci online? Saks or NM?

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I am currently doing a case study for Gucci now, it is one of my business class. the reason i choose this, it's because I love luxury goods and Gucci.:love:
    I would like to ask your opinions to make this research more complete and suitable for reality. I would like to make some recommendation for Gucci base on your opinions.

    Before I study Gucci's history, I did not know that Gucci actually reposition over years.
    i only know that, I love the design and price, so i purchase this brand. :P
    At the beginning, we can only purchase Gucci at Gucci store, over time, they start to sell at department stores, and now there are online shopping. Not only on but also on Saks and NM.

    i would like to know that does anyone shop Gucci online?
    How do you feel about Gucci online shopping. Do you prefer Gucci sell it only on gucci store, just like Chanel and Hermes do not sell online? or You wish them sell it online but only, just like LV, so it will be more exclusive? or you prefer gucci also sell on Saks and NM, as it's convenient and sometimes we can score it with discount?

    Basiclly, Gucci is position the same LV, they are both durable, good quality but also in good price range, compare to Hermes. :upsidedown:
    but as we can see, LVMH is getting bigger and bigger, they acquire more and more brands over years. They only sell LVs on eluxury. on the other hand, Gucci sells on all high-end department store's website.
    Is it because they are not elusive as LV, so that less people carry Gucci now?

    Thank you all in advance. I hope I can get as much response as possible. so I can make the best suggestion/recommendation for Gucci group.:heart:
  2. so far i have yet to shop at bought my stuff from the shop.
  3. I buy most of my Gucci pieces at my local boutique but, sometimes I buy at saks if they have something on sale.
  4. I do my Gucci purchases at I have never bought a gucci from a department store.
  5. I have only bought from
  6. I have purchased Gucci from,, gucci boutiques and saks. I have no preference as to where I buy it. I do like that I can get Saks points if I purchase LV or Gucci there.
  7. I really like that Gucci is available online and online through other retailers like Saks and Neiman Marcus. I like that I can sometimes get a greater discount and also no tax for some of the online retailers. I don’t really understand why Louis Vuitton doesn’t allow there merchandise to be purchased at the retailer like Saks and Neiman Marcus online because they often have boutiques set up in those stores.
  8. I buy my Gucci at the local boutiques, but I like that I can buy on line. Lines like Channel and Hermes where you can't buy on-line irritate me because it seems so antiquated. Not only do I like the fact that I can buy on line on but that I can buy at NM or Saks.
  9. All the gucci's that i've purchased in the last 3 years have all been at the gucci boutique in dallas! [except for one] and I purchased it from Bellevue Nordstroms last year during their year end sale and it was a charge send.

    I like going to the boutiques and it helps me build a relationship with my SA. I live 45 mins away so it's not too far. I have never ordered from but I may consider it in the future. I don't mind that Gucci is available at high end dept stores because sometimes dept stores carry items that Gucci may not have online or at the boutiques. As far as being exclusive, that doesn't bother me. The more the merrier right? The only complaint that I do have is that the US site doesn't always have what is available in Japan, UK or other countries. I think with the US living in a world, Gucci should market more items on their US site :greengrin:

    edit to add:: Oh wait, i just purchased my guccissima messenger from the cabazon outlet a few weeks ago. Totally fogot about that. I would have never known about the outlets if it weren't for this forum!

  10. Thank you Chichi for your input.
    Thank you mssmelanie.
    i think they are trying to build up a exclusive brand name, they sometimes do not participate the dept store onsale event..etc.
    They want to let us know that they will never go onsale, so that you better buy it now, instead of buying later. With a huge % increase everytime, I rather buy it now, instead of regret later, that's what I think. :P
    thank you so much for the input, you make an excellent point here.
    Would you ever feel that, if you pay retail for certain item, then one month later, another girl get it from dept store pay only 70% of retail, and you feel unhappy about that?
    bc I dont see LV go on sale, even on eluxury, the sale item's selection is not that good, compare to Saks or NM sale. :shrugs:

    gucci lover">
    thank gucci lover, i can see you LOVE gucci from your username:love:
    Do you mean gucci should market more items on their US site, like some web exclusive items?or LE? should they also put more merchandize on the dept web site too?
    except for LVs do not go on sale, I really could not understand why gucci group is not big as LVMH...what do you think?

    thank you all again, I really appreciate your opinion and any input.:heart::girlsigh:
  11. I've only purchased Gucci goods at the Gucci boutiques, at Neiman Marcus, and at Saks Fifth Avenue. I've never purchased Gucci or any other designer handbag via internet. After hearing of online buying horror stories and recipients not receiving their parcels due to circumstances of it being lost in transit, I prefer purchasing in person. In person you will always be satisfied.:girlsigh:
  12. Unfortunately I am only able to purchase at a gucci boutique as do not post to Australia...... we also pay a hell of alot more in Australia than you guys do in the US / UK.
  13. In my country there is only one store who sells Gucci- it´s the the Gucci boutique :graucho:
  14. I've never purchased anything from a Gucci boutique in the US even though I live in the US. I did get my first Gucci from Neiman Marcus though. My other Gucci items were purchased in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and London.

    While I'm at school, there aren't any Gucci boutiques near me so I rely on the websites (or tpf) for styles and information. I think having multiple methods of getting Gucci is perfectly fine. It's a business strategy to make the brand more visible and stick in people's minds. I don't notice less people carrying Gucci handbags because they're not as elusive as LV. In fact, I probably see a near equal number of people carrying either brand.

    I hope I was able to answer most of your questions. (what a fun assignment!)
  15. would like to know that does anyone shop Gucci online?
    --> I do!! I got my very first gucci bag at and now I am waiting for my 2nd purchase which is arriving sometime this week!!
    How do you feel about Gucci online shopping. Do you prefer Gucci sell it only on gucci store, just like Chanel and Hermes do not sell online? or You wish them sell it online but only, just like LV, so it will be more exclusive? or you prefer gucci also sell on Saks and NM, as it's convenient and sometimes we can score it with discount?

    --> I am really happy that gucci sells online as well as LV. My husband got me my Neverfull bag last month ( as his anniversary gift) online too.. Thats the way to go these days, Id rather go online and buy stuff than have to drive myself to a mall just to get them. I dont like crowded places so I do most of my shopping online. I wish balenciaga and Chanel will start selling online too! The scary part with online shopping is fraud though, but if you got it from the brand's site itself and make sure that you only key in your credit card details in your home computer then you are safe..

    anyway. hope this helps..