Do you buy fragile clothing? Need advice...

  1. Urgh... am in LOVE with an Alberta Ferreti dress I have on hold. It's the perfect dress: could wear it to work (I work in a creative environment so I have more flexibility with how I dress) or to a party... it's just gorgeous.

    Unfortunately, it has an overlay of silk chiffon.

    I am not the most careful of people. I live in a big city and take public transit (but if I have to take a cab while wearing this dress, I will!). So I'm unsure if I should buy it. Will I just end up ruining the chiffon? Am I too clumsy to own such delicate and beautiful things?

    Should I just go for it? Any advice?

    Do you buy delicate clothing or do you prefer more durable materials?
  2. Go for it! If you do wear the dress make sure you have a trench or a longer jacket (when taking public transit)so that it doesn't get snagged on anything. Why limit yourself in durable clothing. I bet that if you do wear the dress you'll be more aware of it's delicate nature and be more careful.
  3. If you like it and have someplace to wear it, I think you'd enjoy owning it. I'd be careful, though and wear a coat over it, take a cab, only wear it on days when it's not raining, and be careful when going out to dinner.

    I am soooooo nervous about some of my clothes, but I do follow my own advice and it has worked out so far.;)
  4. Yes I do and I end up ruining some, but I learn from my mistakes and I am more careful with delicate materials. I think you should buy it and just take a little extra care when wearing it!
  5. I buy alot from a shop in the UK called Jigsaw.
    Very pretty, but very fragile.
    I still buy it and wear it, but I am extra careful.
  6. Please tell me you will never wear it on the L...please!!
  7. ^^^
    LOL I see you are familiar with Chicago. I just wonder if it's worth it buying a dress I practically have to take a cab for... I don't know what business I have wearing something that delicate. *sigh* It is so pretty, though.
  8. You know what, sometimes you just need to go for form over function.

    Every girl needs at least one dress in her wardrobe that makes it necessary to travel by cab.

    I say go for it :yes:
  9. If you love the dress, and can wear it I say go for it. Just try your best to not ruin it! lol I agree with the others wear some sort of coat to cover it. Even if you do ruin it, you will have worn it and loved it...sometimes clothes get ruined no matter how careful you are. Post a pic if you can, I love Alberta Ferreti!
  10. I also live in Chicago and take the eL everywhere... Most of the time, my clothes come out fine, but sometimes, the train leaves behind suspicious stains and smells... I suppose it depends on the line you take -- for example, you'd probably be okay on the brown line, but I live off the green line, and it's NASTY... Otherwise, wear a trench coat over your dress to protect the fabric... You don't want to end up with cheeto stains and hobo pee allover your investment piece... :s
  11. I would go for it. It'd be better to wear it and ruin it a bit, than not get it and regret it later.

    I bought a chiffon shirt last month and I've already put two holes in in from one wear..I'm such a klutz haha.
  12. I personally wouldn't do it. Clothes should fit in with your existing life.
  13. you seem to love the dress, so go ahead and wear it. just wear a trench, no big deal. okay so worst case situation, the dress gets a few snags. so what, i'm sure it's still really pretty. i would risk it. good luck!!
  14. I say go for it if the dress makes your heart skip a beat. You don't want any regrets if you didn't get it now.
  15. IntlSet, I totally feel your pain--I work a LOT, so if I didn't wear my "good"/party clothes to work, I might never wear them! Thank goodness I have a white coat to protect against things like vet pee--I think the trench is a great idea. Also, in the past I've actually worn *another* outfit to work (i.e. my scrubs) if I am especially worried about mud/dirt, and changed there. It takes a few extra minutes, but it's worth it not to get splashed or something on my way in. I also did this when I lived in Boston and took the T or the bus every day, because people sometimes sit on you or spill things on you--now that I live in Michigan and have to drive every day, I kind of miss the characters you meet on public transport!