Do you buy for the "style" or for the "name"?

  1. I'd like to hear other's you buy a bag because you LOVE the style and perhaps found it at a great price, or do you buy the bag for the "name" so others will know what you're carrying?

    I have just recently turned to purses as my addiction. I started with Coach and bought the large Black Sig. Carly at full price but then found the others at outlets and a few on eBay like the Optic Signature Shoulder Tote, Chelsea Field Optic, Black Messenger Bag, Brown Signature Optic Tote, Optic Swingpack, etc. Whenever I wear a Coach bag (especially the Carly) I get compliments everywhere but, there are so many fakes and so many people wearing cheap knock-offs now that I have somewhat turned against Coach because of that perception.

    Then I "discovered" Kooba and bought a Brown Carla which I adore! I also bought a funky cream leather Kenneth Cole on sale at Nordstrom's and a funky black leather Calvin Klein on sale from Dillard's. And, thanks to this board, I just bought a Hayden Harnett Olive Inka at the last sale!

    Now I've found a Cynthia Rowley black leather bag on sale at Off Fifth.

    All of these bags are in the $400 - $650 range but I've purchased them on sale in the $100-$200 range.

    My anguish is, I LOVE all of the purses as they are quite eclectic and each have their own personality and look. But, no one knows who the "other" brands are! (When I wore my Kooba out, the only girl who noticed was a Nordstrom's SA!)

    So, even though I am finding great deals on all these purses, I am still spending hundreds of dollars on them and sometimes it stinks if no one notices!

    So, do you buy a bag cause you love it or do you buy it for the name?
  2. Hmmmm....good question. Well, as I've posted before I'm seriously NOT into logs. Can't stand them actually...and considering 80% of the ones I see are fake, I dislike them even more. I don't need to put a purse on just to have someone else notice it.
    I happen to be a huge Kooba fan. But it's more than the Kooba name - the leather is TDF...and it's a pleasure to wear them. I enjoy how beautiful they are - especially my Lucys - and it's great that not everyone is wearing them.
    If someone notices it, then fine. I usually get stares...MAYBE. Otherwise, it's just such a fine bag, I can't imagine who wouldn't appreciate the beauty, even if they've never heard of "Kooba". I can honestly say that I do enjoy when people seem to notice, but the biggest thrill is when I walk out the door and I feel good about me...and I know I look good. But I don't need anyone's validation to tell me it's true.....:heart:
  3. Thanks for your reply jchiara. I also feel good and know I look good wearing my bag collection. I wouldn't have bought them if I didn't like them.

    I'm really not looking for "validation" from anyone. I'm in my 40's, own my own successful business and can afford to buy what I want. I don't own just one or two purses. I've invested a few thousand in them in the past few months which is why I made the post!

    If a purses name didn't somewhat "matter" then there would be no market for designer bags and we'd all be buying purses from Target!
  4. I buy it for the style mostly. I do sometimes like the attention, but what initially attracts me to a brand is the appearance. If I ust wanted the most known highest status bag I would've just gotten an LV and a Birkin and maybe a Chanel right away to be done with it.

    Despite that I mostly go for style, I do stick to one house of fashion a lot. This is, I think, due to the fact that the houses produces things in the similar style. If you like one thing from a certain brand, there's a higher probability that you will like more items from the same brand.
  5. I buy bags based on 1. looks first 2. designer second. I tend to shy away from a blatant logo. If it is a designer bag that I half like vs. another bag that I love I am going for the bag I love. But of course having a designer bag is a status thing. I want people to notice my bags because I notice other people's. And let's be honest, we as women do like the attention. But it is not necessarily because of the designer name but for the style, leather, details. I don't care what anyone says, you can spot a lux bag from a mile away, and what I look for in a bag is the look and quality. At the end of the day though, I wear the bag for me and because I love it.
  6. I buy for both. I have a couple brands I love and then I find the styles that suit my lifestyle the best within those brands.
  7. To me it is like loving and collecting anything else. Does anyone on the street know if you collect Fenton glass? How about Coca Cola memorabelia? With MOST obsessions/hobbies/collections, other people do not know about them and we never think twice about that.

    For me, if I am buying a bag because of its label alone, I am making a mistake. I really enjoy finding lesser-known designers and investing in bags that don't look like everyone else's. Any collector is about labels to a certain extent - even silver and glass collectors have their preferred manufacturers - but the point isn't so other people know; it is for the pleasure of the collector.
  8. I buy bags based on its quality and style. I pay a lot of attention on details and cannot stand loosen threads, unneccesary studs, patches or tags. Following those guidlines, ususally name brand is the way to go.
  9. Definitely style first. I couldn't care less if people on the street recognize my bag or not, as long as I like the style. That being said, if I had to make a decision between two similar-looking bags, the designer might sway me towards one over the other, if one had a proven track record for quality, or if I've owned other bags from that brand, etc.
  10. obviously both.
  11. Style first for me. I actually made up a list of specifications of what I need in a bag before I'm going to buy it. For example, before purchasing my LV Carryall bag I came up with the following list:

    - Maximum price of US$1300
    - Must be of very high quality (Made in France/Italy/Spain/USA only)
    - Material must be durable and resists scratches (treated leather or vinyl coated canvas or thick synthetic fiber)
    - Must hold my MacBook Pro laptop
    - No shoulder strap, because I have too many messenger bags already
    - Classic timeless design

    With the above list in hand, I browsed the shops. Cutting down from Hermes, Gucci, Prada and Burberry - I've finally picked a Louis Vuitton Carryall in Monogram Canvas.

    The Carryall bag is perfect for my need. The Monogram Canvas, something I neither like or dislike and couldn't care less as long as it's durable was the only material available for this kind of bag. Therefore I bought it for functionality/style over brand name/logo.

    P.S. I've come to love the monogram canvas after extensive research on the background of Louis Vuitton etc.
  12. mos def for style
  13. I go for style, size (must be a fairly big bag) and comfortable to carry, as l tend to put them over my shoulder due to having had tennis elbow twice through the weight in them!!!
  14. Definitely style (and purpose sometimes) are the key drivers behind my bag purchases. My taste are finicky so I'm not into bags just because a designer's name is slapped on it. IMO, an ugly bag is an ugly bag regardless if it's made by Target or Hermes.
  15. Definitely for style but of course the designer has something to do with it. I agree with you that if we didn't care about the "name", then we WOULD all be carrying bags from Target. I think it has to do with three things actually: style, name AND quality.